An Off-The-Shelf Telephony Package: Is It Possible?

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I was recently challenged by a prospect:

“What I want is that a salesman can walk into a prospect, close the deal, walk out to the car and come back with a dozen phones, plug them in and they work.”

Makes sense.

My first thoughts were, but how you going to know x, y, z … in advance, never mind that in the pressure of the sales meeting to get all the details into place.

Then as always, once the challenge is put, one’s mind starts to get to finding a solution.

It would not be difficult at all to create the templates in advance. 4 users, 8 users, 20 users. The Tenant Package already exists for this purpose.

It would not be difficult to populate one or two with some basic setups: 1 queue, 1 IVR (standard sound file options, press 1 for Sales, 2 for Accounts, 3 for Technical Support, 0 for Reception).

A dozen phones can be pre-configured to those extensions.

Upon determining the order, the correct number of phones can be left. The rest can be deleted at a later stage. Further tweaks can be done at a later stage.

The only part missing is the local network, to be sure that port 5060 is open.

Should be most interested to hear feedback from the field.