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Saulio has been with us for a long time now, he is from New York City and was born at the Dominican Republic were he move back to about a year ago looking to get 'family' closer to 'family'. Microsoft Certified Network Engineer, Developer and Cisco's CCNA/CCNP Certifications now with over 14 years of experience on the fields, as father of 3 and looking for two more he is always busy and interested in everything that have to do with technology :-)

Is VoIP driving business away from you?

voipOver the years I have noticed that more and more of our new customers are no longer VoIP Entrepreneurs wanting to join the telephony provider venture. Seems like the more VoIP becomes the present and defines the future of communications, the more industries it touches.

These days, any business that provides IT industry related services is somehow related to, or forced to be related to, the communications infrastructure of their customers. Even better if the customer has some knowledge or is at least aware of the unified communications experience.  

Industries like Internet service provides, cable services, and/or fiber providers have already joined, are planning to join, or at least know the future is to integrate in order to gain and retain customers. To mention a few of the most common that will ring my desk, I should start with hosted service providers. Either hardware, software, or a mix of the two, is something that, sooner or later, VoIP has to become an integrated part of. Either a multi-tenant platform like ours in order to centralize all hosted PBXs, or separate Call Center/Custom environments, this is something that, along with other value-added features, a hosted service provider will get asked for pretty often.  

Other industries, less related to network services or hosted services like IT Managed Services, will encounter themselves one way or another supporting an IP Phone, a local PBX, or a PBX hosted by someone else. They will notice the additional revenue and increased customer retention will come as soon as they can also take care of the telephony needs. 

Many of my customers will often express how VoIP service may be just one service out of many, and maybe not the one that bring the most revenue in from customers. But VoIP is an essential piece of the relationship since it is the part that allows their customers to unify their communications, in addition to the suite of services it provides.

This article is a ‘heads up’ to all those out there that think VoIP services ‘could be’. Soon VoIP will be a ‘major’ part of any one proposal because it will become part of the request. The end-user likes to feel a level of unification that provides them the security that a single provider can serve, understand, and support all their technology components.

VoIP is so flexible that anyone that has a customer base and provides any type of service, even non-technology, could find a way to integrate it into their suite of services with a huge value and even bigger retaining element. Make it drive business towards you, not away from you. At this very moment deals are been turned down because the competitor shows a unified set of services with telephony, or impressed the customer with an additional service made possible by VoIP. 

Just because everyone related is getting involved does not mean that it is easy. We still hear horror stories. Even that the voice quality is not working out, loss of RTP, but less. More and more it’s ‘how do I?’ Whether CRM integration or producing better reporting and so control of daily lives.

If you would like to explore your options, whether you are related to technology services or not, Bicom Systems would be happy to assist with whatever ideas you may have. We have not seen it all yet, but with the many we have worked with already, I’m sure you are at the right place for finding a solution. Our IPPBX PBXware comes in a Single Tenant Business Edition, Multi-Tenant Edition, and Call Center Edition, and the mix of all of them is as customizable and flexible as it comes.

Bicom Systems Announces Strategic Partnership with VOIP INNOVATIONS

voip innovationsPITTSBURGH (7 August 2013) – Bicom Systems is pleased to announce its partnership with VoIP Innovations in order to combine our expertise and better serve the market with a synergy of telecommunication services.

VoIP Innovations, a Wholesale VoIP Provider based in Pittsburgh, “aggregates services from the nation’s largest telecom providers to give our customers the low Wholesale VoIP rates and network footprint needed to be competitive.” With more than 20 years of experience, VoIP Innovations is a leader in the market and serves customers around the world. Continue reading

PortaOne vs Bicom Systems

Were you born a vampire or did someone just bite you to become one?
(A comparison of Bicom Systems and PortaOne)

portaoneMany customers interested in our Multi-Tenant platform come to me asking the difference between Bicom Systems PBXware Multi-Tenant edition and other switches out there that, one way or another, are advertising ‘multi-tenant’ capabilities such as PortaOne.

Well I believe the answer is as simple as the vampire fact: If you were not born as a vampire but rather turned into one, you will never be as good as a born vampire. In brief, without digging more into science fiction, let’s discuss my explanation in terms we are all familiar with: If a system is not born as an IPPBX but rather adjusted to act like one, the end user will never experience the real deal and the service provider will never accomplish complete satisfaction.

Several popular switches out there, like PortaOne, claim to include a Multi-Tenant IP-PBX, but when all is done they are ‘Centrex’-like simulations or service providers landing in the middle of ongoing development on something that was not designed to be an IP-PBX and/or a Multi-Tenant.

Bicom Systems PBXware was born as an IP-PBX and comes in 3 editions: Multi-Tenant, Call Center and Business.

I suggest that customers test our product and experience a real Multi-Tenant IP-PBX. To test, use the following login details:

email: mt@bicomsystems.com
password: mtdemo

I recently compiled a comparison chart with PortaOne wholesale switch and Bicom Systems PBXware.

Key Feature Bicom PortaOne Comments
WholeSale Billing YES YES Available in PBXware integrated with TELCOware Billing Platform
100% Multi Tenant Platform YES NO Centrex Alike Emulation
Full Featured IPPBX YES NO PortaONE is a Wholesale Switch not a fully featured IPPBX
Virtualization YES NO Not present in PortaONE
Basic Call Center Features YES NO Not present in PortaONE
Advance Call Center Edition YES NO Not present in PortaONE
Dedicated Virtual Enviroments YES NO Not present in PortaONE
Desktop Apps YES NO Windows, Linux and MAC Applications including free unified messaging client
Mobile Apps YES NO IPhone, Android and Blackberry Softphone
Onsite Deployments YES NO What will you do when the customer requires a deployment on site ?
Onsite to Cloud Redundancy YES NO What will offer when customer ask for on site with redundancy in the cloud?
Real Time Reports / Statistics YES NO Via Desktop Applications and Web Interface, graphics and recordings access
Call Instant Recording / Barging / Monitoring YES NO PBXware can do call recording in multi-levels
Tenant Level Admin Access YES NO Tenant Administrator or Client has access to his own hosted PBX
Auto Provisioning to ATA, IPPhone, Softphones YES NO PBXware provisions Cisco, Polycom, Aastra, YeaLink, Snom, Linksys, Sipura
Custom Design YES Limited Limited to PortaONE only

Also see PortaOne broke up a phone company over PBXware MT

If you found this useful or can add, please feel free to post and of course visit our whitepaper on How to Start an ITSP or watch the video below.

The Side You Should Be ‘Aware-Of’ in this Business…

The technical side of a modern phone company…

As a developer and network engineer, understanding the way today’s hosted phone systems works is a fairly easy task. Yet such a profile is not found in every person that is willing to start in this business. In general, there are two profiles that look to start in this business more often:

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No such thing as a perfect platform

Through the last few years of dealing with all types of ventures, deploying/designing hundreds of projects, and trying to accommodate everyone’s needs from the most simple to the most complex (that will never end), I have been trying to teach myself and my customers a simple idea: There is no such thing as a perfect platform. Continue reading