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During the month of June, 35 of our employees went through a two-day Professional Scrum Developer training. The training was presented by Bogdan Doroslovac, a certified trainer, with the end goal of providing our employees with the opportunity to become Profesional Scrum Developers! Want to learn more about the program? Keep reading! 

“You could not choose a better person to conduct these classes for us.”
– Mahir Mehanović

What is is a training program that is designed to help teams and individuals solve complex problems. Aside from training, they provide resources, assessments, and certifications to those who complete their training. Founded in 2009, this global organization is dedicated to improving the profession of software delivery through Scrum. Learn more about here.


Two companies uphold industry standards when it comes to training in Scrum. One of them being Bicom Systems used in the past for our Nexus team, and had such success that we decided to contact them again!

“Interactive and fun training where we learned not only about Scrum, but we also learned how to be better Engineers!”
– Kenan Hadžihasanović

Not only is a reputable organization that offers training all around the world, but it is recognized by institutions, universities, and industry leaders. As per, the Scrum training is “focused on improving professionalism in complex product delivery and that drives everything we do.”   

As a part of our new BiAgile Weeks, improving professionalism and developing an agile framework are goals we are working towards. 

“The strong focus on creating cross-functional and self-organized teams is hugely beneficial for development teams across organizations.”
– Haris Arnautović

How did the training work?

This is the first kind of training we provided for our development teams in the organization. Our previous work with was Scaled Professional Scrum training for Scrum Masters and Product Owners. As mentioned earlier, it was so successful that it encouraged us to provide the necessary training to the members on our development team. 

scrum training

Since we had a large group of employees, we decided it would be best to divide the developers into two groups. Group one had training from June 10 – 12, and the training for group two was from June 15 – 17. 

“This training is a must for all development team members.”
– Semir Omerović

The training was held in our Tuzla office by a certified trainer, Bogdan Doroslovac. In light of the current pandemic, the participants maintained social distancing measures and wore protective masks.

scrum training 2

After the training session, each participant then had the opportunity to take the Professional Scrum Developer I Certification Exam. The exam was online, and they were allowed one hour to answer 80 questions. To pass and become certified, the participants must receive an 85% or higher on the exam.  

“As a Scrum Master who has experience as a developer, I think the training hits many of the right spots when it comes to building a craftsman attitude towards software development.”
– Haris Selmanović

scrum training 3

What does it mean to become Scrum certified?

These assessments cover a range of areas related to the knowledge and real-world usage of Scrum. Passing such a credible and consistent evaluation means you are highly regarded among other industry associates as a true industry certified individual or organization.

But the path to certification is even more important than the certification itself! The training is built for developers to understand their role in Scrum, and how their knowledge, ideas, and practices can elevate it. Successful implementation of Scrum requires understanding and collaboration on all levels of the company. The implementation must be adapted to fit the organization’s context, and there are no better people to help with that than the developers themselves. 

“The methodology and practice used to present the groundwork of Scrum convey my personal growth and professional development, which will greatly benefit my career.”
Anela Huremović-Bošnjaković

Shout out to all our employees who participate in the Scrum training and congratulations to all that passed! 😀



Semir Karic

Merima Bulic

Semir Omerovic

Adnan Dizdarevic
Elvis Oric

Admir Begtasagic

Armin Omanovic

Zurahid Omeragic

Nenad Ristic

Anela Huremovic-Bosnjakovic

Ermin Katardzic

Ivan Sovic

Haris Selmanovic

Anida Omercic

Mahir Mehanovic

Adnan Busuladzic

Jasmina Dzevlan Arnautalic

Tarik Fazlic

Tarik Omercehajic

Emir Aganovic

Ajnur Jukan

Damir Begic

Lejla Hodzic

Selma Sejdinovic

Irnes Mujkanovic

Mirza Dedic

Asmir Selimovic

Nermin Hasic

Kenan Hadzihasanovic

Elvis Junuzovic

Mirsad Ribic

Haris Arnautovic

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Mirza Omerkic

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