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It is safe to say 2020 has been less than a perfect year. As we are finally getting our heads above water, it is nice to look forward to the warm summer months ahead. But, thanks to COVID, many of our vacation plans were ruined. So that leaves us to entertain ourselves this summer!

Are you interested in doing something different?
Enroll in Bicom Systems Summer School!

For the next four weeks, join us for collaborative learning! You’ll get a chance to virtually meet Bicom Systems staff, partners, and other industry leaders. 

Every Monday, our students will receive an email that includes a recap of the previous week’s lesson, what is on the schedule for the current week, as well as interesting reading material and content that can be shared.  On Wednesdays, we will host industry-focused roundtable conversations that align with the topic of the week. 

Registering for Summer School will allow you to join these live sessions and participate in the discussions! We want you and our partners to know that we are thinking about all of you during these unexpected times. Our team tried to come up with an interesting, fun, and interactive schedule that will give you the chance not only to learn more about Bicom Systems, but to listen to others’ expertise in the industry.  

A brief look into the classes and topics we will cover:

 DATE         SUBJECT                                             TOPIC

Jul 29

TECH 101

Looking Back & Looking Forward at Telecom Technology

Aug 5


How Has Our Technology Changed in the Last 16 Years?



Every Market is a New World



Developing an Agile Framework 


Do you think you would be interested in attending? 

Register here and take a seat, because class is now in session! 😏

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