Why You Should Return to Work with Unified Communications

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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When the COVID-19 outbreak struck and forced businesses to close their offices, many found they could not work from home because they lacked the necessary resources. With no end in sight of when the pandemic would subside, businesses took advantage of the free trials of Unified Communications solutions.

The providers offering the free trials had high hopes that the customer would enjoy the solution so much that they would purchase it post-pandemic. We are all taking the necessary steps to return to the office safely. For some, it seems like a race against time to get operations back up and running! And despite the apparent benefits of UC, many companies still chose not to implement a solution. Why? 

Why are companies not using UCaaS


It couldn’t be the price because free trials were available from nearly everyone. Not to mention, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for every company. Meaning many UC solutions on the market vary in price and can fit your specific company needs!   


The consumer must download the hosted solution, so depending on what you require, there is little or no physical setup. Essentially, users would set up an account and download their solution from the provider’s secured website. 


Upon purchasing the solution, providers are eager to have their users up in running in a timely manner. Not to mention, providers are with their customers every step of the way to answer any questions they may have. 


A proper UC solution is extremely user friendly, requiring a limited amount of training. Users can quickly master navigating the GUI in no time! Also, as mentioned earlier, the provider works closely with its customers helping them grow and be successful.

Why aren't you using UCaaS?

Unfortunately, some companies did not believe their employees could work from home. Even so, many were forced to lay off staff and only keep essential workers in the office. Implementing a unified communications solution could have solved all those problems.

The simple fact is, a UC solution will keep all your employees connected. It will prepare your staff to work from home in the event another circumstance like COVID-19 arises. Or for less aggressive reasons like a personal day, snowstorm, or wanting to work from home. Coworkers will find they can collaborate more efficiently with one another from in and out of the office! 

Learn three reasons why returning to work with a unified communications solution will benefit your company. 

1. Split Office Time 🏡🏢

As a slow transition, many companies are implementing a concept known as split office time. Employees are organized into two groups, and they alternate days that they are in the office and working from home. Enforcing a Unified Communications solution means employees avoid packing up their desk phones every other day. Instead, they can be reached on their softphone or, better yet, their mobile! 

2. Keeping Your Distance 👩‍💼➡👨‍💼

Even though you’ll be back with your coworkers, you still have to keep your distance! It is nearly impossible in tiny offices to have large group meetings with everyone staying 6 feet away. Instead, employees can use group chats, conference calls, or virtual meetings to meet! A UC solution will keep everyone connected while sitting safely at their sectioned off desks.

3. Second Wave 🌊

Picture this. You have everyone back in the office and business is running smoothly. Then all of a sudden, the second wave of COVID-19 hits. Your company can not afford to close up again, and operating as you did during the first wave will not cut it. Supplying your employees with a unified communications solution will still have you sending them home, but this time they will be operational! Your employees can use the same tools they had in the office from the safety of their own homes, and business doesn’t need to suffer. 

Are you going back to the office soon?

Now is the time to get your company a Unified Communications solution that fits your needs and budget. Don’t let history repeat itself and be prepared in the event there is another global pandemic! 

Contact our sales team to learn about our UC solutions, gloCOM and gloCOM GO! Visit our website or send them an email to sales@bicomsystems.com.  

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