Bicom System’s Supporting of Partners in the Field – Example 1: Snetcom

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Day to day, the greatest satisfaction has to be said to come from working with partners to see their businesses grow. Which over time has also seen our business grow.

There’s always been a slight angst though of how to reciprocate the good faith that partners have placed in Bicom Systems. Fortunately with the time that comes from running our business long enough to put in place resource, there are an increasing number of answers coming to bear.

For this reason we have started to put in place a framework to this end. This will take the following steps:

  1. Bicom Systems will reach out to partners who have great case studies.
  2. Bicom Systems will interview the partner and / or the end user
  3. Bicom Systems will prepare the Case Study and Press Release
  4. Partner and/or End User will confirm their satisfaction
  5. Bicom Systems will publish Case Study and Press Release on our web site – this will give partners a little space on our web site.
  6. Where possible, Bicom Systems will distribute the Case Study onto other partners web sites such as
  7. Case Study will be mentioned in Account Manager’s Blog
  8. Bicom Systems will promote Press Release and Case Study through Industry and Embassy Channels

Later the partner space on our web site will be developed to further assist partners to promote themselves.

When asking Alex at SNET if he might provide us with our first opportunity to do this it was with consideration to a few factors:

  • SNET’s previous experiences of other manufacturers was dismal.
  • SNET had already developed a very aggressive sales plan.
  • SNET had experience with PBXware both in the hosted environment and onsite pbx appliances, see multi-tenant pbx, call-center pbx and business pbx editions of PBXware.
  • SNET had preserved in its contributions to many of the software developments that we all now benefit from

Particular thanks to Laura for all her efforts in the copy-writing and contacting of Alex Fayn at SNET.

We suggest you take a look at the SNET case study: part one & part two, and please contact your Account Manager with your own so that we might better promote your business too. This is of course free and we really look forward to helping.

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