CLECs: How to Grow Your Market

Written By Edin Alic

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clecCLECs (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers) are less discussed online than ITSPs or other kinds of Telecoms, but they are no less important. We were glad to see a post from No Jitter (Uncharted Territory: How CLECs Can Expand Their Footprint) about how CLECs can expand their market.

In summary, they described three considerations to growth:

1. Resources – According to No Jitter, the first step to growing a CLEC is considering the available resources. It is important to prepare all of the equipment, staff, etc. before expanding. They recommend an external provider to make the process smoother.

2. Timetable – The second recommendation is to allow sufficient time to expand the CLEC’s market. Think about all of the logistics involved in the process and create a timeline that is reasonable and not rushed.

3. Service Offerings – Finally, it is important to maintain or exceed the status quo of service offerings in the new geographic area. Research the current offerings and find a way to surpass them before entering the market.

To learn more, visit the No Jitter article or see our CLEC Product Package.

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