‘…as a Service’ Part 3: CPaaS

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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What is “…as a Service” and how can it help your business?

We’re back! This is Part Three of our ‘…as a Service’ and how can it help your business?’ blog series. If you haven’t noticed from the title, today we are talking about CPaaS, otherwise known as Communication Platforms as a Service. If you have not read Part 1: SaaS or Part 2: UCaaS of our series read them here.

Communication Platforms as a Service, similar to UCaaS, is another ‘as a Service’ application that your business should have! CPaaS allows companies to integrate communication features like:

    • Voice Calls
    • Video Chat
    • Instant Messages
    • Click to Call
    • SMS
  • Screen Sharing

into their own applications, without having to create them. CPaaS is a cloud-based platform and can be added to existing applications without the need to build a new infrastructure. Customers avoid additional IT expenses like ongoing maintenance and initial construction fees. The customers only pay for the services they want and need, resulting in more flexibility and scalability. CPaaS adds many benefits but ultimately, maintains modern communication practices for your business.

CPaaS providers have the ability to improve their customer, of any size, communication channels significantly. Resellers have the ability to provide:

    • More Options
    • Greater Accessibility
    • Better Reliability
  • Unique/Customized Applications  

For companies today, communication has never been more critical. It is the main drive behind productive, customer relationships and partnerships. By being a CPaaS vendor, you will provide businesses with customized applications that will integrate perfectly into their already established business platforms.

Developing a custom application for a client will create a strong relationship. As the business changes and grows, the developer will grow with them. Any changes to the applications will be done by the vendor and will produce long-term profits. CPaaS allows businesses to become more creative with how they communicate with their clients. To stay ahead of the competition, companies constantly need the next best thing. Resellers have the opportunity to give that to their existing and new clients.

To learn more about Bicom Systems, CPaaS, PBXware and our white-label reseller opportunities, visit our website or send us an email and sales@bicomsystems.com. Keep watching for our final part of our four part blog series when we learn about our final ‘as a Service’ word, CCaaS.