Why Your Customer Service Department Should be Using VoIP

Written By Laura Kyle

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Customer service is the front line of any business. It is where customers go to applaud, complain, and inquire. But a customer service department can only provide excellent service if they are given the tools to do so. One of the main tools your department should have is VoIP. 

There are so many ways to reach a customer service department. To name a few, users can reach out via social media, e-mail, online chat, etc. But the traditional and most preferred way is through the telephone. Sometimes you need to talk to a real person! 

Calling the customer service department of a company should not be difficult for the customer. There should be one phone number, an easy-to-understand IVR, and short wait times. VoIP enables all those features and more! 

Even though the caller dials a local number, it may not necessarily mean a local employee will answer it. The call will go to the appropriate representative that is available. Meaning they could be local, or they could be in another time zone. The customer does not need to know that, and frankly, they probably do not care, as long as the representative can help them. 

✨Bonus Tip✨

If your company utilizes VoIP, you can hire remote workers! And they can work from anywhere. Not only can you expand your talent pool, but you also can employ representatives across the globe to ensure your customer service line is covered 24/7. 

In proper communication, tone of voice is extremely important. It can be challenging to decipher tone in text, especially when adding emoticons or punctuation (or worse, missing them). Also, when you are on the phone, you cannot see facial expressions—another reason tone of voice plays a huge factor in improving customer service.  

Since you rely so heavily on tone of voice, you must ensure proper audio to go with it. VoIP audio is much more reliable than a regular landline. The quality of the audio is extremely important when you are speaking with an upset customer. Imagine their frustration when they are experiencing issues and can not hear you? Eek!

With higher quality audio, you may think there is a sizable price tag to go along with it. However, that is not the case! In fact, VoIP is way more affordable than a traditional landline. When you add features like voicemail, faxing, and long-distance calling, it is more feasible to utilize VoIP. 

To conclude, choosing VoIP will decrease your wait times, increase the number of calls answered, and improve overall customer service. If your department is not operating with VoIP, what are you waiting for?

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