Enterprise PBX Market Declines in Q1 2014

Written By Edin Alic

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According to Comms Dealer, the global PBX extensions/licenses market has experienced a 9% drop for Quarter 1 of 2014.

Breaking it down even further:

  • The Enterprise market (solutions with over 100 extensions/licenses) fell by 11%
  • The Below 100 market (solutions with less than 100 extensions/licenses fell by 6%.

This decline was caused primarily by the North American market which saw a 17% decline compared to declines ranging from 3% to 10% in other regions.

Potential causes for the drop are:

  • A record-breaking cold winter in North America. MZA Analyst Will Parsons said “Deployments in enterprise may have slowed more significantly due to the frigid North American winter, as US GDP contracted for the first time in three years”.
  • An increase of mobile and multi-tenant alternatives
  • Decreased spending due to the Global Financial Crisis

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