Four Ways to Get Started with Mobile VoIP

Written By Edin Alic

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Do you use mobile VoIP at work? If your answer is no, you should start! And if your answer is yes, keep reading, you still may learn a thing or two.

The following are four things to think about as you get started using mobile VoIP in your business.

  1. Choose a Data Plan
    The cellular data used by mobile VoIP when outside of a WiFi zone can add up quickly. Before getting too far, ask your carrier about data plans and choose the right one for your company.
  2. Make it Secure
    As with any other business calls, VoIP or not, security is an important issue to consider. Whether your company will use MDM (Mobile Device Management), EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management), or a VPN (Virtual Private Network) app, do not skip this step and open the company to potential security breaches.
  3. Skip the Consumer Apps
    Though consumer VoIP apps are common and free, it’s not a good idea to mix business with consumer software. From Skype to Viber to WhatsApp, these applications serve their purpose well enough outside of the office, but seek a business solution for your business.
  4. Take Advantage of Features
    One of the things that makes VoIP so popular today is its plethora of features. This is no different in the case of mobile VoIP. Take time to learn the features and take full advantage of them.

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