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Internships are the perfect opportunity for students or new grads to gain valuable knowledge and work experience. They give individuals an idea of what to expect before entering the workforce, a competitive edge against other candidates, and hands-on experience that otherwise would not be learned from a classroom-based setting. Internships not only benefit the interns, but also the employers who hire them. Employers who offer internships have the opportunity to test-drive, mentor and mold potential new hires.  

Bicom Systems collaborates with students and universities to offer exclusive internships. Students work one-on-one with developers and learn from their expertise. Often, after our interns complete their internships with Bicom, we offer them a position within the company.

Semir Omerović is a recent graduated from the University of Tuzla. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and is now working as an Associate Software Engineer at Bicom Systems. Keep reading to learn about Semir’s transition from Intern to an employee!

Bicom Systems Intern to Employee

Why did you choose the telecommunications industry?

“I wanted to work in this industry because it never gets boring and offers new challenges every day! Telecommunications is constantly growing, which offers a lot of opportunities for young people, like me, entering the workforce. This industry gives us the chance to improve society by creating new and better ways for people to communicate.”

Why did you choose to do an internship at Bicom Systems?

“I chose to apply for an internship because I wanted to improve my technical skills and to get familiar with new technology. It was really great to gain experience in my field of work before graduating.”

What excites you most about an internship?

“To work hands-on in a company and solve real-world problems, compared to the hypotheticals we used in college. It was exciting and sometimes even challenging, to help come up with the solutions that are now used every day!”

What project are you most excited about being a part of? And Why?

Well, if I have to pick just one, I’d choose “Personal Dialer”. I think the benefits that Personal Dialer provides are really important to the industry, and it helps improve people’s efficiency every day.”

Tell me about your journey from Intern to Employee.

“I became an intern just after finishing my fifth semester of college in January 2017. I remember it was an important period of my life since it was my first job experience! I was very excited to be a part of such an amazing company and that I got to work alongside really talented and hard-working colleagues. I worked part-time, two days a week, while I continued my studies in school. During my time as an intern, I improved every single day! I learned how to communicate and collaborate with my team and to work independently. A year and a half later, my internship ended, and I graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. In July 2018 I became an official employee of Bicom Systems!

That is amazing! We’re so happy to have you on our team! What are your goals for the future?

“My goal would be to gain more experience in the field of VoIP communications. I want to get a better overview of the necessities in this industry and to find ways to improve it.”

Finally, what would you say to future interns or people thinking of applying for an internship?

“Internships are a great opportunity! They offer a way to get a lot of experience, to learn many things and to get familiar with the industry before becoming an employee.”

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