UC a Slam Dunk for the NBA

Basketball has been around for over 100 years. If you’re not a fan or don’t like sports, I am sure you’ve heard of the NBA Finals that have been happening. To recap, we just finished Game 6 and the Raptors beat the Warriors 114 to 110.

This is an exciting time for not only the Raptors, but for all of Canada. The Raptors are now the first Canadian team to win the NBA championship!

Whether you were rooting for the Raptors or the Warriors, did you know that both teams are using unified communications?

In the world of sports, everything needs to happen yesterday. That is why it is so important to have seamless communication channels. UC solutions are used between fans, employees, players, and coaches.


When a team makes it into the finals or playoffs, ticket sales rise. The inbound call center is ringing off the hook and ticket sales people are frantically working day and night. UC features like CRM integration make it easier for salespeople to do their job. The CRM will recognize the number calling and relocate it to the appropriate representative.

For example, if a suite holder called in looking to purchase tickets, the CRM would recognize the phone number and flag the caller as a VIP customer. The sales line would send them directly to the agent who manages VIP customers. The same process would happen for season ticket holders. Prioritizing important fans’ phone calls will enhance their customer experience.

Another UC feature that salespeople can put to good use, is call recording. Recorded phone calls can be used for training purpose, quality assurance and more. Combining CRM integration and call recordings will give teams more knowledge to better understand their fans.


What fans see on TV or in the stadium is nothing compared to what is happening in the background. Behind the scenes, technology is huge and leading up to game day everyone is going frantic. Decisions need to be made as soon as possible and there is no time to go looking for someone to make them. UC features like instant messaging and ‘follow me’ help employees keep in touch.

An important email can get lost or take hours to find. Instant messaging is a quick and efficient way to reach employees. Bicom Systems UC solution, gloCOM, allows users to make group chats. They can easily drag and drop coworkers into the conversation for a faster response. This feature can also assist sales representatives to speed up problem-solving in customer service.

gloCOM integrates with Bicom Systems VoIP telephony platform, PBXware. The ‘follow me’ feature can be set so when an individual calls the user’s extension, it will ring to their desk phone first, then to their mobile phone. This feature maximizes the chances of getting ahold of the user.

Just like other industries, in sports, there are many conference calls. They have weekly media, finance and management calls, not to mention game day operations conferences. gloCOM makes conference calls easy with its features like screen share, meetings, and drag and drop. Often, the information in these conferences are highly confidential and the companies need to ensure their lines are private. Implementing VoIP and UC in your organization will optimize communication and security.

Coaches and Players

Unified communications allow coaches to stay in touch with their players and allows players to stay in touch with their teammates. When they are on the road they need to communicate with one another. gloCOM GO, Bicom Systems mobile UC application, allows users to stay connected on the move. The application is BYOD friendly and can be used on Wi-Fi or a 3G network.

For example, if a game or practice has been canceled, players and coaches must be notified. As mentioned earlier, emails can get lost. gloCOM GO allows you to make conference calls outside of your office. With the click of a button, you can start a conference call with all needed attendees.

Another example of how UC solutions connect coaches and players is file sharing. gloCOM GO’s desktop application, gloCOM allows users to instantly share pictures, videos, and confidential documents. The platform is extremely secure, so contracts and playbooks can be shared with other users without risk.

NBA and UCImagine, it is the last quarter of the game with 1 minute on the clock. Coach Nick is about to say his final play and his headset breaks. If Nick can’t reach the person to fix or replace his headset, it could cost his team the game, or worse the championship. Instant communication is key in high-stress environments.

Unified communications are instant and updated in real-time. It could be the solution to all your communication problems.  

Do not let bad communication cost you a game. Contact our sales team today.


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