The Fundamentals of Bicom Systems

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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A company’s core values are the fundamental beliefs instilled in employees to showcase what is important, what we believe in, and what we want to do. The values must be authentic and specific to the brand to ensure all team members are on the same page. When a company has core values, it is easier for them to make decisions, hire the right employees, and operate daily. 

When Bicom Systems chose and implemented its core values, many factors came into play. For eighteen-plus years, the company has operated under a unique set of values and we are now structuring these to align with our business goals. 

Bicom Systems’ core values are the values the company lives by in their everyday work. They are as follows: 


Commitment to our mission and vision, success, progress, and growth. And most importantly, to unify and simplify communications worldwide.


Courage to innovate and generate new ideas and develop revolutionary solutions that transcend traditional communication methods.


We focus on improving our knowledge and skill sets, professional development, and expanding our products in every corner of the world. We focus on discovering the best ways to satisfy the needs of, and add value for, our partners, end-users, and our employees that are part of the communicating world.


At Bicom Systems, we value transparency, honesty, and openness in communication at every company level. Through the art of active and deep listening, we encourage, inspire, and mirror one another. We encourage openness and curiosity in discussing ideas, suggestions, and feedback. And promote empathy as the most important element of all interpersonal interactions. We value transparency toward change and adaptation to new challenges.


We respect individual and unique ways of approach and contribution. The company respects freedom, ideas, suggestions, and beliefs by encouraging discussion and treating everyone with courtesy, politeness, patience, and kindness. We value respect as the foundation of every relationship we invest in, from our employees to the entire communications world.


Encouraging excellence at an individual and collective level helps our teams strive toward higher potentials and capacities to embody our best capabilities. We strive to exceed expectations in everything we do. We create revolutionary products to provide excellent and outstanding solutions to unify and simplify communication. Our partners, end-users, and employees are at the heart of everything we do, and we listen to them and provide them with support and flexible solutions that help them grow. 


Bicom Systems is an international and multicultural company that operates worldwide. Therefore, diversity is not only engraved in our DNA, but it’s an integral part of our culture and communication. In the context of our company, valuing diversity means creating equal opportunities and a respectful environment that appreciates, encourages, welcomes, and includes differences in ethnicity, gender, age, physical abilities, sexual orientation, education, and religion among our employees. We all contribute with diverse perspectives, experiences, knowledge, spirituality, and culture, and navigating differences and sameness are what we value and encourage.


The environment is extremely important to the company. We are committed to sustainable ways of operating and continuously explore the impact that our actions have on the world today and tomorrow. We strive to organize all our business processes in a socially and environmentally responsible way to protect and sustain the earth for future generations.


We nurture and promote a caring culture at Bicom Systems. We care deeply about our employees, actively support our teams, and offer everyone personal and professional development opportunities, including physical, mental, emotional, and social comfort. The company cares for everyone’s well-being and strives to create a life-work balance for everyone. Hence, we also love and appreciate working with people who also care. Those who care for each other and the company. Those who offer mentorship, support, and help each other develop the best solutions for achieving our mutual goals.

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