Geo-Redundancy: Maximizing Client Service Uptime

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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Two of the biggest things clients value are data security and service uptime.

They are factors of great importance when it comes to maintaining quality of a provided service as it often puts both their reputation (and yours) on the line if the product is not up to the task.

Different forms of disruption can bring a server down at any point or compromise it which is why having a fast and efficient network failover rate can be the difference between being the best service provider or a middling one.

For all of you UCaaS providers out there, know that this issue is covered for PBXware through SERVERware’s very own geo-redundancy policy, however, it is important to relay the importance of this feature to your clients.

It will help both of you in the long run and save you from having to deal with extra support calls.

What Exactly Is Geo Redundancy?

Geo redundancy is relatively self-explanatory in name alone.

It is a safety measure introduced into critical systems to ensure maximum uptime.

It revolves around having multiple server locations spread around the world where the main server’s data is stored and synced up on a regular basis.

The purpose behind this is that, should the main server fail due to a SIP attack, a natural disaster or a sudden malfunction, the GR server can take over once the failover procedure kicks in.

This ensures minimal server downtime even in the worst of scenarios, allowing end-users to continue using the service without interruption and for maintenance crews to work on fixing the issue on the main server in the meantime.

Why Do Clients Need It?

Well, the surface level of reasoning behind geo redundancy is better data security and virtually no downtime in case of maintenance or disasters.

But, if we were to delve a bit deeper into it, the long term benefits of such a system are twofold.

They help prevent any major financial losses for your clients from compromised data or service downtime while keeping both their reputation and yours at a high level.

This helps garner more trust and attracts more potential clients to your product down the line.

Who Is It For?

Honestly, it is a fantastic safety option for nearly every client.

Though, for on-site implementation, that comes with the caveat of the company having to buy their own servers or rent them from a third party which would be housed in a different location.

Clients that benefit the most from this are businesses that operate with a lot of critical systems and data in mind and would gladly welcome the added protection.

Explaining The Matter At Hand To Your Clients

Before geo redundancy is put in motion, there are a few steps that need to be considered.

However, it is our job to take care of those, but it is a good thing to keep in mind when describing the whole process to your potential clients.

1. Choosing Your Plan Of Action

Once we have determined that your client could benefit from this feature, we will further discuss what type of setup is required based on their budget, capabilities and data or service sensitivity.

2. Finding A Good GR Server Location

When all of that is sorted, it is up to you to choose the most fitting GR server location.

While, in the past, this usually had to be somewhere nearby due to potential latency issues, modern advancements in data transfer technology allow for them to be set up much further apart for added safety with minimal latency increases.

3. Final Customizations

After all that, it is time to implement the geo redundancy options in question, syncing the data up to the GR site and putting everything in motion. 

All that is left then is to customize the failover procedure and everything should be good to go.

Just make sure to remind your clients to regularly sync up data between the main and GR servers to minimize data loss.

‍The Key To A Reputable Business

Providing good quality data security is the key to a reputable business, something that both UC providers and their clients should be well aware of.

Geo redundancy offers the opportunity to keep both sides content in that regard.

One side benefits from having their business and data secured from any unwanted disasters or attacks while the other benefits from a satisfied customer and an increase in desirability.

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