Mobility And Flexibility With gloCOM GO: The Remote Work Boom

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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The image of a modern business post-pandemic has turned toward the side of remote work, promoting work flexibility and allowing the client’s employees to operate on the go.

However, facilitating that can be difficult.

All of the client’s remote working employees need access to similar, if not the same capabilities as they would in the office.

That is why we here at Bicom Systems have devised a solution in the form of gloCOM GO, part of our greater PBX infrastructure which provides exactly that.

Doing Work On The GO

Most remote work oriented systems are designed for laptop functionality.

While this is completely fine on a standard level, some of your clients may want to explore additional options for their employees.

This is where gloCOM GO steps in, expanding the idea of remote work to devices that are more often on hand than laptops, smartphones.

Your client’s team will be able to execute their day-to-day tasks from their smartphones with the same efficiency as they would sitting in the office.

Every single feature from our desktop version was translated and adapted from the desktop to mobile with a suite of quality of life features to make tasks easier to manage on a smaller screen.

All of this serves to make the lives of the employees more comfortable and less stressful without compromising on workplace efficiency

Availability Tracking

gloCOM GO allows its users to dynamically change their activity status, letting others in the workspace know whether they are free to take on more work or if they are busy.

This allows for better work management within the company and is relatively important for remote work due to potential issues with internet connection, allowing for near instant updates.

Carrying The Whole Office In Their Pockets

Users who want to work while out of office retain the same functionalities as they would while at their desks thanks to both gloCOM GO and gloCOM Meeting GO.

They will be able to share files with ease and collaborate with fellow colleagues through chats, calls or scheduled meetings just like they were right there in the office with them.

They will never feel restrained by the mobile app and can interact with them just as well as they would be able to on any other device, relieving some of the stress that may come from remote labor.

BYOD Capable

Another fantastic aspect of gloCOM GO’s portable nature is that it syncs up to the user’s phone, any phone.

Your client does not need to hand out new devices to their employees.

Instead, the employees get to use the device that they are more familiar with as all it takes to set gloCOM GO up on their smartphones is a simple visit to the app store and a tap on the download button.

Be it Android or iPhone, it does not matter, the gloCOM GO app works with all smartphone devices.

Everything They Need In One App

Having access to one’s work on the phone is great, but what is even greater is not having to exit the app to do all your work on it.

Tabbing away from one app to another can be a real hassle, but gloCOM GO syncs up effortlessly with the user’s phone, providing access to SMS, MMS, and voicemail, all through the app itself.

They can even use the app to call others without having to emulate a virtual phone or use their own phone’s call function.

All of this was made to make work more efficient and hassle-free, otherwise there would be little point in considering the mobile option.

Making The Workplace More Flexible

As we have seen with the covid pandemic, there are times when remote work becomes a necessity, which is why it is important for clients to facilitate the required infrastructure.

Not to mention that most workers have shown an increase in both job satisfaction and productivity when having a remote work, or at least a hybrid option.

Bicom Systems’ gloCOM GO provides that option together with our UC solution, PBXware and is a service that your clients are sure to appreciate greatly.

If you would like to see it in action, feel free to Request a Demo, or Contact Us for further information.