Hosted IP PBX Solutions

Written By Edin Alic

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As hosted IP PBX solutions take over the industry and replace and outdate other options, PBX resellers are faced with a unique opportunity; now is the time to begin offering hosted IP PBX solutions and claiming a niche in the market.

Many resellers have merely tweaked their current systems to allow for a hosted option, leaving much to be desired. Resellers that offer complete hosted systems fulfill a specific need in the market that has yet to be fully met. Now is the time to take advantage of this gap in service and begin offering complete hosted solutions that end users can rely on. Whether you are just getting started or wanting to upgrade to newer technology and solutions, Bicom Systems has the software and resources to get you started. With ample experience in the field of hosted solutions, Bicom Systems will provide you with software, hardware, marketing materials and an Account Manager to guide you.

Bicom Systems’ PBXware is the world’s first and most mature professional open standards turnkey telephony platform. Available in Business, Call Center, and Multi-Tenant, editions, PBXware allows you to deploy flexibly, reliable, and scalable hosted IP PBX communication systems.

Offering a true hosted IP PBX system provides End Users with a number of benefits:

– Managed service with pre-defined service agreements
– Remote management
– Cost effectiveness
– Future proofing
– Predictable monthly service charges
– Voice integration
– Customization

Learn more at or contact us today at to claim your spot in the hosted IP PBX market. Or to learn more about how we’ve help other companies, check out our Case Studies.

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