How our Hosted Solutions Can Support Telecom Industry Verticals like… The Legal Industry

Written By Laura Kyle

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Finally, we have reached the end of our ‘How our Hosted Solutions Can Support Telecom Industry Verticals like…’ blog series! If you want to read the first four parts of this series, head over to our blog here. Today we are wrapping up this series by talking about the legal industry.

There are so many professions in the legal sector. One of the most popular occupations in this industry is lawyers. However, at a law firm, you have lawyers specializing in different areas, solicitors, legal assistants, administrative assistants etc. No matter what position you are in, it is extremely important that you are easily available.

It is rare today to find lawyers who are tethered to their desks. They are usually out commuting to the courthouse, meeting clients or having out of office meetings at their opponent’s offices. Bicom Systems gloCOM GO allows lawyers to be available on their personal mobile even when their office number is dialed. This way, they won’t miss any important office calls or have their personal phone number released. Their phone number can also be linked to their assistants, in the event that they are unable to answer their phone.

Bicom Systems’ latest version of gloCOM now integrates with Skype for Business. This way lawyers can have meetings virtually. This module allows lawyers to expand their target audience and doesn’t limit them to practice law in designated areas. Meetings can now be held at a time that is convenient for the lawyer or client no matter where they are in the world.

Confidentiality is very important when you are trying to win a trial. If private information was revealed to the opponent team, it could cost the entire case. Lawyers may have to collaborate with other lawyers but they must ensure their information is concealed. Bicom Systems gloCOM allows users to send and receive confidential documents safely. Coworkers can chat on gloCOM with confidence that their conversations are private.

No matter the size of a law firm there is a lot of information that needs to be stored. When you have a lot of clients, this can mean a lot of storage space. Bicom Systems PBXware stores important data, like call recordings, into the cloud! Our system allows you to use Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon S3 to archive your storage. Not only is your data safe in the event of a natural disaster or fire, but it is remarkably easier to search and retrieve information on a hosted solution.

Unified communication applications are one of the easiest ways to collaborate. Bicom Systems gloCOM is a software that simplifies and accelerates daily tasks.

It has:

  • IP Phone Integration
  • Softphone
  • Messaging
  • Conferencing
  • Faxing
  • Screen Share
  • Video Conference
  • File Transfer
  • And more!

All of these features and more are displayed on a user-friendly interface. gloCOM integrates seamlessly with PBXware, the world’s first IP PBX telephony platform. PBXware features include:

  • A call recordings player that allows users to listen to call recordings right from their browser
  • Voicemails that can be sent to your email in an mp3 file and transcription so you can check them on the go
  • Archiving storage to secure third-party locations
  • CRM call routing for when clients call the law firm they will be directed to the proper extension
  • The ability to send a fax through email

Today, a lot of firms in the legal industry are going paperless. PBXware allows you to store all your call recordings on a safe and simple interface. You will no longer have to save phone call conversations on USB devices or recording tapes.

Lawyers work on many different cases at a time. This means they are receiving numerous calls from different clients in the run of a day. Bicom Systems PBXware integrates with some of the most popular CRMs on the market. This integration will allow you to keep track of new and existing clients. You can see the last time they called, what you talked about, any notes on the client and all of their personal information. CRM solutions make it easier for law firms to keep track of their many clients.

Employees in the legal industry must be able to count on reliable communication. Hosted solutions will improve the way coworkers operate, boost collaboration and increase efficiency. Remember, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, make sure you are not guilty of poor communications.

That’s a wrap! If you are a reseller, consider looking for your next customer in any of the sectors we talked about in this blog series.

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