How our Hosted Solutions Can Support Telecom Industry Verticals like… The Hospitality Industry

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This is part four of our ‘How our Hosted Solutions Can Support Telecom Industry Verticals like…’ blog series. To learn about the previous posts in this series, visit our blog. We talk about industry verticals like governmenthealthcare, and education. But today we are dedicating this post to the hospitality industry.

This is another broad category because the hospitality industry includes many different businesses that have to do with tourism and traveling. The three biggest industries are food/beverage, transportation, and lodging. If you think about traveling, you need to know how you are getting there (transportation), where you are staying (lodging) and where are you eating (food and beverage).

In terms of traveling, good communication is extremely important. Whether you are a small company or large corporation, staff and guests need to stay connected.

It is extremely important that important guests can always be connected to an agent when they are booking a flight, car or hotel. To ensure they are connected, it is important that companies use CRM Routing for their high priority customers. Bicom Systems PBXware 5.2 has CRM Routing that allows calls to be routed to a specific queue, person or voicemail message based on the information fetched from CRM. PBXware integrates with some of the most popular CRMs on the market. Having your PBX system integrate with a CRM solution will allow you to keep track of new and returning customers. You can see the last time they booked, any specific requests they have and all of their information from the last time they called.

Sometimes staff members in the hospitality industry are away from their desks to better serve their existing guests. However, this can be a problem for new or potential customers trying to book a reservation. Unified Communication solutions like gloCOM and gloCOM GO make it so staff can be free from their desks. They can serve guests, answer phones and complete tasks all on the go. gloCOM GO enables staff to communicate no matter where they are on the property. Staff can send files and message with other employees from their computers instead of trying to physically locate them.

Cost Effective 
Think of how large hotels can be and their many floors. Now, think of how many rooms are on those many floors. Each of those rooms has a phone and each of those phones has its own number. Aside from using the room phone to call the front desk, they are rarely used now that almost everyone has a mobile device. Hotel companies can utilize the IP network and use VoIP phones that do not require individual phone lines. They can pay per extension, making adding and removing extensions easier.

Not only will the companies save money on their phone lines, they can also cut equipment and maintenance costs. The company can opt for a hosted option and it will rid them of the responsibility of maintaining the infrastructure.

Everyone loves a beautiful resort at a warm climate location. Unfortunately, some of these resorts also are where natural disasters hit. A true unified communications solution is hosted and cloud-based. In case an event like that was to happen and if the resort or hotel loses power, the hotel’s information will be safe in the cloud. Hosted protects your data in the case of an emergency where a physical server could get damaged and potentially lose everything.

Even if the resort or hotel loses power, they will never lose a call. The calls can be routed to another number at another location. This way future reservations will not be missed and business can run as usual.

Call Center Editions
Aside from booking online, many reservations are taken over the phone. Large companies often use call centers to book guests reservations and answer any questions/concerns they have. Whether they are large or small call centers, they should be using a proper PBX system that is dedicated to call centers. Bicom Systems PBXware offers a Call Center Edition that has features that are needed for an organization to manage inbound call queues effectively.

If you are a reseller, consider looking for your next customer in the hospitality sector! Hosted solutions will change the way employees in the hospitality industry work. Unified communication applications like gloCOM and gloCOM GO will boost collaboration and efficiency. There are PBX solutions that are dedicated to call centers and remember, hosted is often a cheaper and more reliable option.

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