How to Compete with ALCATEL PBX Telephone Systems

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alcatel telephoneAlcatel Lucent is a large industry leader that may be intimidating to competitors at first. But the secret to winning a deal against Alcatel PBX telephone systems is to take advantage of their weaknesses.

For example, Alcatel Lucent has big promises and plans but does not offer much when it comes down to the details. If you’re up against them, provide plenty of information about details to the customer. Offer them a clear road map about where your product will take them over the next few years, explaining each step of the process in detail. Bicom Systems utilizes our Account Managers to walk customers through each step in the buying and installation process and even beyond. Clients have someone to turn to with questions and doubts even after the sale has been completed.

Another weakness is Alcatel Lucent’s lack of partnerships and alliances. They may be a giant industry leader, but they work alone. Make your product stand out by highlighting your partners and the features that they integrate. Although Bicom Systems is still a very young company we have already struck up with some of the industry’s giants and will continue to do so.

Alcatel Lucent is also held back by cultural confusion. Lucent is clearly no longer American, but it is hard to see that Alcatel Lucent has embraced itself as a ‘world company’ in the manner that Bicom Systems was incepted.

Don’t even try to compete with Alcatel Lucent on price or functionality, it’s a waste of your time. On price, their handsets are given away to compensate for the 1 million functions that do not quite come together. Instead, convince customers that you are the best choice by offering them a complete product with complete support.

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