How to Compete with SHORETEL Phone Systems

Written By Edin Alic

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shoretel phone systemIn order to compete with Shoretel Phone Systems, you need to get a bit more creative. They have a great phone system that may very well be better in some ways than our own PBXware. To compete with that, Bicom Systems shifts the customer’s focus away from the phone system and to the big picture.

Get your customer to look 2-3 years ahead and think about what they want. Remind them that this sale isn’t just about a brand new phone system today, but about a solution that works for them for years. Don’t just give them hardware, give them a new and improved lifestyle.

If you want to compete directly with Shoretel’s phone system, add plenty of applications onto your own. Even simple applications can be huge money and time savers for clients and entice them away from competitors’ systems. Show them how your applications will have true value to their company.

Shoretel has a great system, there’s no denying it. But customers need something more than just a great system. They need tools to make life easier for them and a plan for the future. Bicom Systems offers a number of Desktop Applications to customers to give our phone system that extra push. We also work with customers through each and every step to push and inspire their company ahead.

Do not be fooled by Shoretel’s “1000% redundancy promise.” It requires 1000% more boxes to support, one for each service. Bicom Systems delivers five nines simply and efficiently.

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