Bicom Systems makes the List of Most Influential Brands in Unified Communications

Written By Laura Kyle

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Onalytica, an influencer marketing software company, recently included Bicom Systems in their “Top 20 Influential Companies in the World in the Field of Unified Communications Solutions.” The list also included global companies such as Google, Cisco, and Microsoft.

Onalytica is a New York-based marketing platform that brings together a list of individuals and companies whose communication solutions are used worldwide. For the past ten years, they have published an annual report called “Who’s Who in Unified Communications?”. The report showcases influential voices and brands that are top social influencers, content creators, speakers, analysts, brands, and employees. 

The term unified communications, also known as UC, describes various communication tools for faster and easier communication. UC includes an umbrella of services such as instant messaging, audio, video and web conferencing, screen sharing, data sharing and more. Unifying communication enhances the efficiency and productivity of employees, improves collaboration, and makes remote work easier. Thanks to the global COVID-19 pandemic, unified communication solutions have gained enormous importance for businesses and organizations around the world. 

The data from the report is gathered from many sources such as LinkedIn, Twitter, industry blogs, YouTube, podcasts, Forbes channels, etc. The rankings are based on content relevancy, engagement rates, thought leadership content, and more. In addition to several brands that we have known for decades, this year’s list also includes Bicom Systems!

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Bicom Systems is a software company engaged in the creation and development of telecommunications and unified communications solutions. We have customers and offices across the globe, with their Canadian headquarters located in Saint John, New Brunswick. 

Telecommunications in Saint John

The Saint John office officially opened in 2016 with only three employees. Five short years later, the company occupies two office spaces in Hilyard Place with fifteen employees and growing. The Canadian office houses most of the company’s Sales and Marketing team and new Business Success department. We are currently exploring the opportunity to hire developers to collaborate with their offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

BiH is the home of Bicom Systems’ largest office(s) and where the company first began. Bosnia and Herzegovina is also where their products are created, developed, and improved daily by young and talented software engineers. The solutions Bicom Systems develops, known as PBXware, gloCOM and SERVERware, are not your everyday household name to the average person. However, they are crucial for the success of Bicom Systems and our partners.

The majority of Bicom Systems partners are registered in North America across many different industries. Their products are recognized and sought after globally and are best illustrated by famous brands known as KFC, Dell, Allstate, and NASA. 

If you are looking for more information about Onalytica and its annual report, visit their website here

Bicom Systems is constantly looking for creative, talented self-starters to join its growing team. If you are based in Saint John, NB, take a look at their current openings here

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