The Importance of PreSales

Written By Laura Kyle

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PreSales is precisely how it sounds. The “pre” to the sale. The actions and proceedings of what happens before the sale. Some often think the presale is the initial stage in the sale cycle. Although that is true, it is not a stage that can be overlooked or depreciated. In fact, many organizations, especially those providing technology solutions, devote entire departments to presales. 

There are unique differences between the two stages in the overall sales cycle. In the technology industry, products and services often require tailoring to meet the needs of their customers. A presales department is essential because they can identify that need and assess if the changes are doable before proceeding with the sale. 

At Bicom Systems, the presales department houses our Sales Development Representatives. All representatives are well versed on Bicom Systems products and services and focus on daily tasks such as: 

  • Prospecting and Qualifying Leads
  • Product and Market Research
  • Customer Analysis
  • Preparing Call Scripts
  • Email Campaigns
  • Identifying Solutions for Leads Pain Points
  • Managing Deal Qualifications and Proposals

The sales development team focuses on lead nurturing and conducting all the preparation needed before handing them over to the Account Managers to close the deal. Qualifying leads beforehand saves a great deal of time for Account Managers because they can skip the pleasantries and get right to business. 

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Although the Sales Development Representatives are resourceful, the Account Managers are the experts of services. The AM’s have experience dealing with unique cases from other partners, and their expertise can quickly identify what solutions will work best for new partners. If it weren’t for the presale department, the Account Managers would be wasting valuable time on bogus leads or those not ready to commit. 

Consider the presales team the ‘boots on the ground’ employees laying the groundwork for the overall sales team to succeed. They support both sales and marketing to find and win over new customers.

To better understand, take a look at the difference between the activities of PreSales and Sales. 



Prospecting Closing
Market Research Contract Negotiation
Initial Contact Follow-Ups
Lead Qualification Relationship Building

To wrap everything up, make sure you are dedicating a department to presales when launching your sales cycle. You should never skip the initial step in any process, don’t start with your business plan! 

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