5 Points to Consider Before Becoming a Reseller

Written By Laura Kyle

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So you want to enter the telecommunications industry as a reseller? Smart move! We welcome new partners daily with open arms. Not to mention, if you pair up with the right provider, you have the potential to become highly successful. On the flip side, it could end up a total disaster if you chose the wrong provider! 

Keep in mind there is a lot more to reselling than simply “re-selling” the product. You need to consider marketing, customer service and that you are educated thoroughly on the solution you are selling and industry trends. 

If you are thinking about becoming a telecommunications reseller, keep in mind these five points first. 

1. Choose the RIGHT Partner

The partner you choose will set the tone for your first few years in business. Depending on your bandwidth, ensure your provider meets your budget, offers industry-standard solutions, and stays innovative with their releases. On top of the solutions they offer, your provider should equip you with marketing materials, training, and any other resources required for success. Start off on the right foot with the right partner. 

2. It is YOUR Business

In the telecommunications industry, many MSPs or resellers offer white-label products. They are not the original software manufacturers and can repackage the software as their own with their logos and brand colors. Your customers will have no idea you are not the original provider. 

That being said, resellers must now build their own brand and reputation. Resellers must acquire a license, tax identification number and fill out any other paperwork needed to operate as a telecom reseller in their area. 

Ensure you cross all your T’s and dot your I’s to become a legitimate business. When you work with your provider, confirm their white-label options are valid. You will want in writing that you have autonomy over logos, colors, marketing materials, etc. Remember, this is the business you are starting! 

3. EDUCATE Yourself

Technology is constantly changing and regularly being improved. You’ll never know everything about the industry, but that shouldn’t discourage you from joining. Along the way, you will make mistakes and learn valuable lessons. It is essential to always stay hungry to learn new information and explore opportunities. There are tons of free resources available to any who are willing to search for it. Read blog posts and case studies, attend trade shows, watch webinars, and download free demos. 

Your customers will rely on you for advice, and you can’t exactly put them on hold while you ask your provider. Educating yourself and researching the industry is crucial to selling your products as an expert confidently. Keep in mind that selling an easy-to-understand and user-friendly solution will definitely help you in the long run. Your customers aren’t looking for products; they are looking for solutions to their problems. You can provide them, but you need to know how to first. 

4. PRIORITIZE Customer Service

The telecommunications industry is crawling with competition. We don’t say that to scare you, more so to prepare you. Good reviews from your customers will help push your business in the right direction to find more leads. Word of mouth is a powerful tool, so you will gain a competitive advantage if you offer a fantastic product and outstanding customer service. 

5. DEFINE Your Prices

When you enter a new industry, how do you know what prices are fair? It can be challenging to define prices when the competition does not openly share theirs.

If your provider offers perpetual pricing of licenses, that usually means you have a free-range to price how you’d like. With perpetual pricing, resellers own the license to the software and can do what they wish. Telecommunications resellers can make up their own packages with add-ons like SMS, UCaaS, Video, etc.

Defining prices is where point number three comes in with educating yourself. You should be aware of what others are offering and start building similar packages. If you find you can’t do that without breaking even, there is a possibility your provider is charging you too much.  

When you define your prices, it is important that your provider does not expect you to meet sales quotas. Meeting specific targets is a lot of pressure, especially when you are in your first year of business. 

Wrapping Up

Do you think becoming a reseller is right for you? There is a need for VoIP in both rural and business markets. The customers are there; you just need to invest in them. 

Chat with our Sales Development Representatives and learn how you can get started with Bicom Systems. Our partners have exclusive access to our beta testing program, recently launched partners forum, training courses, and more. The free resources are available and valuable for those new to the industry or expand their offering. 

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