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Written By Laura Kyle

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Online forums have been bringing communities together for decades. They certainly have come a long way in opening discussions in various industries such as gaming, cooking, medicine, and technology. Discourse, an open-source internet forum, provides a wide range of tools for communities to thrive. Not only is Discourse a discussion forum, but users also have access to mailing lists, chat rooms, and more. There are many reasons why we chose Discourse to launch our first Bicom Systems Partner Forum!  


We genuinely believe that the success of our partners reflects the success of our company. It is crucial that we keep our partners in the loop and show them how much we value their opinions. Our partners have been requesting a forum or group of some sort for a while. We listened and acted to deliver the best option. Actually, some of our features are because a partner specifically asked for them! Small details matter, and as much as we keep up with industry trends, the personal requests that come from our partners are the reason we build lasting relationships. 


The purpose of the Bicom Systems forum is to help our partners on an individual level. We found many of them think alike and ask similar questions. Our team wanted to create a safe space for all partners to connect, share ideas on best practices and product usages, discuss topics, and, overall, create a community. On top of that, partners will learn exclusive news regarding bug fixes, product releases, and feature requests. 


We want to ensure the forum is used for educational purposes and avoid any promotional posts. Partners can ask questions, share information, and any articles they may find helpful for one another. Our partners can reply, bookmark, or share interesting articles. We encourage discussion and collaboration, but of course, ask everyone to be respectful.


We promise not to interfere too much in the conversation, but our Sales and Marketing team will be present and acting as moderators. The moderators will ensure everyone is getting along and there is no swearing, inappropriate content, etc. With that being said, the moderators are not technical experts. The team possesses enough experience to provide information and reach out to the correct individuals if needed. If you are looking for support, ensure you use the traditional methods to contact them by using the chat option on your account or sending an email to

There are many benefits to launching an exclusive forum for official Bicom Systems resellers, distributors, and partners. A few that stuck out to us were:

  • Improve Communication

Instead of scrolling through a full email inbox, playing phone tag, or reading through data sheets and release notes, partners can use the forum. They can simply ask a question and see everyone’s responses in chronological order. 

  • Boost Customer Success

Discussion forums can become full-fledged knowledge-sharing platforms! (Look at how successful Reddit is!) Partners can use the forum as a reference place for tips, guides, suggestions, and resolutions to other partners’ problems. 

  • Drive Product Innovation

You know what they say, two heads are better than one! And coming up with the next big product is a lot easier when you have more heads collaborating. The forum is perfect for crowdsourcing ideas, driving innovation, and receiving feedback. Gathering customer insights in one place will assist our product owners in the future development of products. 

  • Safe Place for Constructive Discussion

Constructive criticism can be beneficial for your brand in so many ways. A private partner forum will provide a safe place to lead the discussion and keep it on topic. The moderators can steer the conversation back to constructive participation and you avoid unnecessary comments from competitors, outsiders, or online trolls. 

  • Identifying Problems

Before the forum, the only way to know if partners were experiencing the same problems was through word of mouth. Suppose they happened to tell their Account Manager or Business Success Lead. Now that the forum is in place, partners can share their own issues and see what issues others are sharing. Our team can quickly identify if there is a trend happening and take immediate action if needed. 

If you are a current Bicom Systems partner and are thinking, “Wow! This Forum is news to me?” take a look at your email. We already shared all the details you need on how to set up your account. But, if you still require assistance, please reach out to our Business Success Team, and they can help you. 

Are you new here? Let’s connect! 

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