Why 2021 is the Perfect Time to move to CCaaS

Written By Laura Kyle

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There is no denying that 2020 was a challenging year for all. Whether your company is trying to meet heightened customer expectations, improve overall communication, or empower your new remote workforce, now is the time to move to a cloud-based contact center solution. 

Cloud-based software solutions simply outperform the capabilities of on-premise. By utilizing the specialists who provide the software, the opportunities become endless for users. The providers will oversee the maintenance, upgrades, and necessary troubleshooting, so users do not need to worry about a thing! 

The best part is, you don’t even necessarily need to be a Contact Center to utilize the benefits of CCaaS! Small- and medium-sized businesses most likely have around a dozen employees, with the majority of them taking inbound calls. Unfortunately, now that everyone is working from home, it is difficult to oversee day-to-day operations physically, and employees are unable to show an accurate report of their activities.

A few things a manager of an SMB is interested in knowing:

  • How long an employee is spending with new customers
  • How long an employee is spending with contract renewals 
  • The employee’s average talk time
  • The employee’s total talk time 
  • The average wait time for first-time callers

CCaaS solution providers understand the importance of activity tracking. That is why they provide detailed, real-time data and analytics that are important for business owners. Administrators can monitor and perform searches for either single or multiple queues. Furthermore, the right Contact Center solution will seamlessly integrate with any popular CRM platform. 

Other reasons to move to CCaaS

Scalability is one of the main benefits of cloud-based software. Whether you are increasing or decreasing staff for seasonal or contract work or an unforeseen disaster, CCaaS allows you to scale up or down as needed. 

There is little to no initial capital investment when you move to the cloud. Since it is hosted, users do not need to purchase any hardware or pay any upfront costs. Hosted solutions are operational expenses; therefore, users can rely on the same bill, with no additional hidden fees.  

Thanks to Geo-Redundancy, there is minimal downtime when human error or natural disaster strikes. The data is mirrored and simultaneously available for backup and recovery. Businesses can continue as usual and benefit from substantially increased resiliency and fault tolerance.  

Working with a CCaaS Provider

MSPs and VoIP Resellers can take advantage of selling CCaaS to their customers even though they are not a Contact Center. The value proposition of accessing CCaaS solutions is the extensive amount of reporting, extreme scalability, low to no capital investments, and not to mention exclusive features that will not make you a Contact Center but will allow you to operate like one! 

There are plenty of CCaaS providers, both good and bad. So, how will you know what is a good choice for you? If the provider has what you are looking for, meets your price budget, and is up to date with industry standards, that is a good starting point to request a demo. 

Ask yourself these questions when looking to partner with a CCaaS provider.  

  • Do they have:
    • Customer Support?
    • Tech Support?
    • Customizable Solutions?
    • White-Label or Branding Options?
    • Perpetual Pricing?
    • Minimum Sale Quotas?

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