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It has been a minute, but we are back! Say hello to our new official employee Emir Hamidović.

Emir is in his final year at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Tuzla. He started his internship with Bicom Systems in March of 2019. After two years of working part-time while attending to his studies (not to mention doing all of this while in lockdown), Emir joined the PBXware team as a full-time employee!

We are always looking forward to sharing the stories of our employees who started as interns with you. Keep reading to learn more about Emir, what a typical day looks like for him, and the advice he offers for those thinking of applying for an internship. 

Why did you choose Bicom System to do an internship?

“An internship at Bicom Systems seemed like a great opportunity for me as a student to gain experience and knowledge on top of my day-to-day studies at school. This internship allowed me to be ready for real-world problems in the IT industry. It fulfilled my expectations and expanded my view on how software is developed at a higher level by a team of professionals.”

What excites you the most about the technologies that we use at Bicom Systems?

“I love the fact that everything is new to me! I see the whole development process of bringing the best possible VoIP technologies to our customers. Gaining knowledge about all of these technologies keeps me motivated in my everyday work.”

Now that you are a full-time employee, what challenges have you faced so far?

[Intern to Employee] Emir

“Besides waking up early in the morning every day…😂Ahh, as a full-time employee, I believe the pressure and responsibility are much higher. I often find myself multitasking, which can be challenging but at the same time exciting. Every day, I am introduced to new things that push me to do more research and expand my knowledge.”

Tell me what a typical day looks like for you.

“Well, as I mentioned above, it is a struggle for me to get out of bed in the morning! But after I get my morning coffee into me, I start my day by checking my emails. After making sure I did not miss anything, I start up my PBXware and get started on my assigned tasks. 

After lunch, we have our daily team meeting to go over what everyone is working on that day. Sometimes I chat with our testers or support if they need any help, but basically, it continues with finishing my tasks or finding new ones.”

What do your tasks entail? What projects are you currently working on?

“Right now, I am doing a little bit of everything in my team. Mostly it is CRM integration-related or whatever feature or bug fix for our PBXware systems. The more work experience I gain, the more complicated tasks are assigned to me. Which is what I enjoy the most!”

That sounds exciting and really rewarding!

“Yes! Whenever I  get the chance to work on something much more complex than I’m used to, I always feel that extra energy to research everything about that problem and solve it.”

When you are not in the office, what do you like to do for fun?

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“I started playing basketball at a young age, and I enjoy playing it or watching it on TV whenever I get the chance. Other sports too! Like football or tennis. During my free time, I am either at the gym, hanging out with my friends, listening to podcasts, or watching YouTube videos.”


Besides a good night’s rest and coffee, what energizes you to do a good job at work?

“I am a pretty competitive person, so I love challenging myself and seeing progress in my work! I always tend to push myself to get better results and finish my tasks in the best possible way. I also try to make the most efficient solution so that no one else has to struggle with the same problem in the future.”

What would you tell future interns or people thinking of applying for an internship? 

“I think that an internship is the best possible way to get ready for full-time work and also to gain the much-needed experience before tackling much more complex problems. An internship will prepare you for everything that comes in the future, and I believe that Bicom Systems has a great internship program that helps students with that!”

If you want to learn more about our internship programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, check out our Bicom Systems – BA Facebook page.

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