SERVERware 4.0 New Backup Functionalities

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Running your own business in the telecom industry has many benefits! However, as a Managed Service Provider, you must ensure that your virtualization platform is secure, protected and applications are available 24/7, 365 days a year. This is where backup functionalities can not be overlooked when choosing a virtualization platform provider. 

Running regular backups is essential for home users, let alone crucial for businesses still trying to navigate our ‘new normal’ and cloud adoption. It is much easier to have a built-in backup functionality from your existing provider than a third-party application. Taking convenience into consideration and our current partner’s requests, our latest version of SERVERware 4.0 has way more backup functionalities! 

Keep reading to learn more about the new backup options to restore your VPS, or take a look at the release notes here.

Restore VPS from the Backup Browse View

SERVERware 4.0 users can now initiate a restore action of a VPS found on the attached backup host. This feature was highly requested by our partners! Now they can restore by navigating through the backup browse view. Only one VPS restore process can run at a time. However, users can now restore VPS servers in the case of a disaster.  

In previous versions of SERVERware, users could restore VPSs only on the same host and domain where the VPS previously was. Meaning, backup servers were dependent on the SERVERware for which they were created.

Restore VPS from the Legacy/ZFS backup

A little over a year ago, in the release of SERVERware 3.2, we improved our existing backup to a better, faster and safer way! We introduced the option for users to Backup to ZFS. For those who do not know, ZFS is a file system to support high storage capabilities. It is incredibly safe and protects against data corruption. Users authorized to do so can only access or modify the data.

Learn the idea behind back up to ZFS here.

Now, in SERVERware 4.0, users can launch a restore action of a VPS found on the attached “Backup Host” through the Backup Browse View. The ability to restore from a legacy or ZFS backup is beneficial when browsing backups from a previously attached host to another SERVERware instance. 

Progress for Restore from Backup

Have you ever ordered a pizza online and saw the tracker move along with the pizza making progress? This new feature is similar!
Users can now track the progress of the VPS restore operation, and it will give them a better insight into the restore process. 

The progress indicator inside the record tracks the VPS restore operation. The VPS state will be labelled as “RESTORE“ in the list of VPSs with a progress indicator next to it. Administrators of SERVERware can browse and select a VPS backup on the backup host and restore it in any domain or host they choose. This flexibility allows users to restore the VPS and continue working with it! 

To provide fault-tolerant storage, SERVERware relies on a mirrored pair of storage servers. Given that the storage mirror by definition and purpose is not a backup, SERVERware provides a built-in backup feature to protect the data of hosted VPSs in the event of a disaster.

We hope never to disappoint and always strive to provide scalable solutions to fit every business’s needs. The new backup capabilities found in SERVERware 4.0 will be an added advantage to your business. 

Does your provider offer easy VPS Management? Bicom Systems SERVERware Virtualization Platform is using OpenZFS for storage, a proven next-generation file system technology. Learn more about the different editions of SERVERware on our website or by contacting our sales team! 

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