Joe Pine & Mass Customization

Written By Edin Alic

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mass customizationBBC Global Business recently published a podcast on Joe Pine and his promotion of ‘Mass Customization’.

A term originally coined by Stan Davis in his book Future Proof, MASS CUSTOMIZATION signifies a shift from the mass production of identical products to the production of customized products tailored to a customer’s needs. Mass production was a revolutionary idea that began with Henry Ford in the early 20th century. At the time, Ford’s method meant affordable products that anyone could obtain. However, mass production is an idea that should remain in the 20th century as mass customization leads the way in the 21st century.

When Joe Pine began working for IBM in the late 80s, he quickly realized that each of their customers was looking for something different. Each customer had different needs, purposes, and ideas. He believes that the mass production system forces consumers to make sacrifices – we sacrifice what we really ‘want’ for something we can afford.

Corporations and organizations that intend to stay ahead in the 21st century must turn from the old system and tailor to the individual consumer. In an age where consumers have more demands and needs than ever before, the companies that offer a flexible, customized product will be most appealing.

Bicom Systems embraces the idea of mass customization and is committed to providing ‘bespoke solutions for the cost of off-the-shelf’. We are pleased to provide customized solutions not only to our resellers, but ultimately to their end users. Our systems can be catered to meet your needs and also offer you the flexibility to offer that same promise to your end users.

To learn more about our customizable product system, visit our Products Page. To listen to Joe Pine on Mass Customization, visit BBC Global Business.