Cisco Call Manager

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I recently received an interesting question from a client that I thought was worth sharing…

My customer has a Cisco Call Manager virtual machine installed in a hospital that handles about 2000 extensions (Cisco 6911, Cisco 6921, Cisco 6941 and Cisco 6961). The customer is complaining about this solution because it cannot handle a single call per line. For example, each extension handling two concurrent calls gives a free tone even if its during a conversation. The customer has made ​​a request to Cisco, but they cannot make changes to the configuration, so they are evaluating alternative solutions for their PBX. Of course we should reuse those phone models and we should ensure only one simultaneous call for extensions… Can we technically do it? … If yes, what do we need in terms of resources for the VM?… finally, what about the costs for this scenario (only PBX features needed, no special requirements or CTI)?

Can anyone please confirm this – that Cisco Call Manager has no means by which to limit the number of inbound calls to an extension? It seems hard to believe.