Customer Testimonials on MS Lync

MS Lync is the flavor of the month out here – when I read the architecture guides and system requirement guides I just don’t understand ūüôĀ¬†GloCOM and¬† PBXware are a much better combination IMO.

Lync has more¬† features¬† –¬† but I like the simplicity and standard approach¬† of gloCOM and PBXware. Being able to integrate easily with other environments like Google is a good move. A mobile client would also be good.



“We’re firing up a major logistics company here in the Southeast US (160 extensions) that is also switching off of Microsoft Lync and onto gloCOM. Early indications are they’re liking it.”

Specific features they liked: “Direct integration with their shiny new phones. Plus chat. Plus desktop faxing.”

– Mike Rathburn, IntelaCloud


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