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Perpetual pricing of licenses is something that we have offered for the last sixteen years at Bicom Systems. If you aren’t familiar with the term, it basically is the traditional model used to purchase software. Our partners pay for the software licence up-front and have the right to use it forever!

Pretty sweet, right? We think so and so do our partners! We also thought other providers thought the same. 

However, in the market, we have seen many providers move away from perpetual pricing. Not to mention the burst in new partners we have signed recently, which is their main reason for migrating to Bicom Systems and our software suite of products. 

We’re not going to focus on the problems. If you are considering switching providers, you are aware of them yourself! Nonetheless, we think it is essential to highlight some of the pain points that we have been hearing from our new partners who quickly moved away from their providers due to unhealthy changes in their business practices.   

If you, or someone you know, are experiencing any issues, maybe it is time to make a switch! Keep reading to hear our unique value proposition, which could be the answer to your problems! 

No Required Upgrades ⛔

Although we encourage our partners to update their solutions to our latest releases, we do not make it mandatory. Unless the Partner runs on an outdated or EOL version, the only thing they may lose access to is support. 

It is essential to mention that Bicom Systems offers updates and upgrades. Updates are free! They contain minor changes, bug fixes, and improvements. On the other hand, our upgrades are jam-packed with new features that we are confident our Partners would like. To stay up to date with industry standards, we must continuously update our products and solutions. 

True Multi-Tenant Solution 💯

Multi-tenancy is a type of software architecture that allows you to support multiple customers (tenants) on one infrastructure. A true MT can handle numerous customers on a single server by taking advantage of the Cloud. Basically, it means having multiple tenants installed and managed from a single user interface, on a single dashboard, on a single instance and all while being completely isolated from each other!

Bicom Systems provides only true cloud-based multi-tenant products. Multi-tenancy is a type of architecture where one single instance of your software and its infrastructure supports multiple customers (tenants). A true MT solution is cost-effective, more flexible, ultimately less work, and only available in the Cloud. Our solution was designed from the start to support unlimited users and scalability in the Cloud. It can be self-hosted on your infrastructure or hosted in one of our data centers. Partners can have multiple tenants isolated from each other in a single instance of software. Even though your customers will have a dedicated PBX, they will all share the same asterisk instance. Using a single instance for all customers cuts down operating costs a lot! 

Authentic Partnerships 🤝

At Bicom Systems, we always say, “your success is our success!” and we stand by that. We offer:

  • Customizable solutions 
  • White labelling and branding options 
  • No sales targets or quotas
  • No term contracts
  • High level of integration and support on:
    • Front End
    • Back End
    • API My SQL
    • Open Asterisk 

Our Products 

The only virtualization platform on the market tailored to hosting telephony and soon to offer Geo Redundancy! 

The world’s first and most mature Open Standards Turnkey Telephony Platform

Unified Communications desktop application that simplifies and accelerates your daily tasks

A gloCOM module that takes video conferencing to the next level. 

An office in your pocket! A mobile application allows you to work on the move and keep time loss as low as possible. 

To wrap up, when looking for a provider, it is crucial to find one that works with you, not against you. As a reminder, we are not moving away from perpetual pricing, are extremely accommodating when it comes to migration, and last but certainly not least, we work with anyone! 

Are you looking to switch providers? Perhaps one that offers White-Label VoIP? Or maybe you are new to the industry and want to start off on the right foot? Let’s chat!

📞 +1 (647) 313 1515
📧 sales@bicomsystems.com
💻 www.bicomsystems.com/contact-us 

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