Plantronics Malfunction

Written By Edin Alic

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For the past four days my life has seemed on the edge of a cusp.

Having got habitually accustomed to our new Glocom 3.0 working off our MultiTenant PBXware and working off the SIP client on the desktop with perfect voice quality – my $350 headset just disappeared. Not from the desk beside me but neither the Mac nor a PC I borrowed could recognise it anymore. Torment and ridicule followed.

Pulling USBs in and out of my monitor, laptop 1, laptop 2 and even the coffee warmer at one point, tried to find drivers knowing well that I’d throw the CDs away – this though was an endless task as are no drivers for the device. Almost burst to complaint to their head office secretary as she was kindly setting up a meeting for a site visit by two of their staff to assist Denis with further integration. Just as well I bit my tongue at that moment!

The only pleasure was that to be had by smirking colleagues – ‘mine works!’

Bugged the dear lady at in technical support but refused her RMA muttered for another day and then did the sensible thing and gave up and surrendered. Printed the RMA form, disconnected the USB CB60 from the power and sulked towards the printer to pick up the RMA form.

In a last fit of madness I connected the USB of a device that did not have any power coming to it – to the MAC and … you know the rest …

the Fairy Lights of the Plantronic‘s device started flashing – all was working.

The moral of the story – whenever there is anything technical not working – start by shooting the fairies. (Then try disconnecting the power cable and re-inserting it).

Steve Wingfield

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