Virtual Machine Technologies

I recently received this about using Amazon EC2:

“Here’s what I’m finding… When a backup is made of the AWS instance (create AMI from instance), logging in immediately after the AMI is created will show all settings gone. Went out to the shell to look at the database, and it too was empty (except the default 1000 extension and multi-tenant PBXware default settings).

Restarting the system from the GUI, then logging in when it’s back up will show all the settings back where they belong. Didn’t do anything with licensing.

Then I did some backups, except didn’t log in immediately when it was done. Waited 20 minutes to log in, and all the settings were there.

So it’s something with the timing of how the machine instance comes up.”

Conclusion : there are real problems using Virtual Machine Technologies and one must wonder about VMware too ?

Steve Wingfield


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