QIcomm: Need Rescuing?

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qicommA QIcomm customer that has 0843 non-geographic numbers on a QIcomm switch recently contacted me. They feel they’ve “been stiffed by QIcomm.”

Having been a loyal supplier to QIcomm for years by hosting 0843 non-geographic numbers on the QIcomm switch, QIcomm has not paid their kick-backs for a few thousand and now is in administration.

To see the accounts of QIcomm on DueDil, it’s hard to see that this sitatuion was forced on QIcomm and does rather smell as if the company is going to ‘sell its assets to itself’ after sweeping the assets away.

An article on QIcomm from The Register sums it up nicely: “Too late to save the business, though”

Fortunately for the customer, we have been able to make good with the 0843 non-geographic to try to avoid loss of service or further loss of revenue.

If anyone else out there could do with assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@bicomsystems.com.

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