How to Encrypt Call Recordings?

Call Recordings can be encrypted in two ways with PBXware depending on the desired outcome of security.

There are basically 2 ways of achieving this, each with its own advantages and drawbacks:

Transparent encryption of the file system where the recordings are located.
– This would be done outside of PBXware, the recordings would be sent to their destination where they would be encrypted.
– Problem is that the key would have to be on a non-encrypted location(usb drive for example) which would be used to mount the encrypted folder.
– This would be useful only if the HD would be stolen.

PGP file encryption
– Each file would be encrypted individually, then sent to its destination.
– Uses separate encoding/decoding keys,
– Each file would need to be decrypted before listening/opening, and the recording options on the reports page in PBXware would not work because of that.
– Not an easy setup.