Selling a WFH Solution During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Written By Laura Kyle

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“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” (Fred Rogers)

With his reassuring voice and encouraging manner, we could all use some Mr. Rogers right now. (Sidenote: If you’re looking for something to do during quarantine, I highly recommend Tom Hanks’ A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood).

You may be wondering how business owners like yourselves can be “helpers” in a global health pandemic. But as part of the telecommunications industry, you are actually in a position to make a huge difference very quickly. 

With most of the world working from home and an economic crisis on the horizon, the need for a work-from-home solution is critical. You can fulfill that need for your customers and help them stay afloat. You can help them continue to work so they can feed their families and have one less worry on their plate.

And we want to help you too.

Right now we are offering gloCOM and gloCOM GO, our Unified Communications desktop and mobile apps for 120 days free. 

Unified Communications enables teams to continue collaborating, meeting goals, and securing their future from home offices, the living room couch, or anywhere else with an Internet connection. This is a gamechanger in a time when most offices are closed but people cannot afford to stop working.

Look around your community for a need for telecommunications. If you think you could be the one to fill it, contact us at for help getting started.

For tips on how to market a work-from-home solution to your customers during the crisis, check out our Working from Home During COVID-19 Resource Center.

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