Selling Unified Communications to the Real Estate & Rental Industry

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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In the realm of real estate and rentals, effective communication is the cornerstone of success. This industry thrives on efficient interactions and seamless coordination between agents, property managers, customers, and staff from third-party services. 

Unified Communications (UC) will revolutionize the way real estate and rental professionals operate, making them more efficient and successful. In this blog post, we’ll explore the compelling reasons for you to start selling Unified Communications to the real estate and rental industry.

High availability

According to a report from the National Association of Realtors, 92% of home buyers and sellers consider agent responsiveness “very important,” ranking just below honesty and knowledgeability. Buying a home is a big decision, so buyers will have lots of questions. 

Your Unified Communications solution and omnichannel features can empower real estate agents to become more responsive and available. Opening up more communication channels like voice, email, instant messaging, and social media will allow real estate professionals to connect with their clients on their own terms, making them feel heard and valued.


Real estate agents spend most of their time on the go: showing houses, meeting with clients, scoping out housing markets. A mobile solution will be a perfect fit for busy real estate agents that rarely sit down in an office. 

gloCOM GO mobile app puts all the power of our comprehensive UC solution into the palm of your hand. You can empower your customers to turn any location into their office with voice and video calling, meetings, faxing, instant messaging and more.

Call forwarding will ensure no call is missed unless absolutely necessary. Even if a WiFi network is not available, gloCOM can forward calls straight to a mobile device via the cellular network without revealing the personal number. And voicemail transcription on a mobile device makes it quick and easy to stay on top of any calls that do fall through the cracks.

selling unified communications to real estate and rental industry

Streamlined communication

For property managers, effective communication with tenants is essential. The relationship between tenants and managers is notorious for being strained, but your UC solution can improve and streamline that communication. Omnichannel-enabled tools bring together multiple channels of communication for a seamless experience with more open, consistent communication.

Business SMS provides a convenient and efficient way for property managers and tenants to stay in contact. Having a history of communication will help prevent disputes and pave the way for success in the future. 

Automated and mass messaging

Property managers can also use the UC solution to send automated and mass messaging, for example a message about snow removal the morning after a blizzard, or schedule messages to send as needed, for example reminders about inspections and maintenance.

Toll-Free and Local Numbers

Unified Communications solutions that offer toll-free and local numbers will lend a more professional and community-centric image to real estate companies that are targeting a specific geographical market. 

Having accessible and recognizable numbers enhances the customer experience from the very beginning. Not to mention the cost savings with using VoIP for inbound calling

Business SMS

For both real estate agents and property managers, business SMS is a powerful tool for quick and efficient communication. Support your customers as they stay in touch with clients or tenants and share important updates the moment they become available. 

Text messaging is no longer a bonus, it is an expectation in most fields today that contributes to increased operational efficiency and cost savings.

You can successfully sell your UC solution to the real estate and rental industry by addressing the unique communications challenges faced by professionals in the industry. 

Demonstrate how your solution can enhance communications, streamline tenant relations, and increase operational efficiencies to win over organizations in the industry.

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