Selling Unified Communications to the Repair and Maintenance Services Industry

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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In the industrious world of repair and maintenance services, skilled laborers dedicated their days to hands-on work, with little time for sitting at a desk or talking on a telephone.

With time being such a precious commodity, efficiency is key to supporting this unique sector. Your Unified Communications (UC) solution could be the pivotal tool to address the unique communication challenges faced by these professionals and enhance their workflow efficiencies.

Call Efficiency and Mobility

Repair and maintenance professionals engaged in tasks that are often complicated, involved, and messy, would probably find a ringing phone disruptive. Introduce your Unified Communications solution for a more effective alternative to traditional communication options.

Features like call forwarding and ring groups intelligently route calls to the least busy recipient, minimizing interruptions at inopportune times. Mobility ensures that communication can happen anytime, anywhere, allowing workers to choose the most convenient time to engage in conversations.

High Definition Voice Calling with Noise Reduction

Communicating in a noisy workshop or busy factory presents an obvious challenge. Offer high-definition voice calling with noise reduction to give repair and maintenance workers an option for clear and concise communication on their job sites. You will help them to not only accelerate their conversations, but also reduce the need for repetition or stepping away from the work environment, ultimately saving valuable time all around.

Inventory management

The repair and maintenance services industry keeps machines running smoothly and efficiently for other industries. We can give back by supporting them to run their businesses more effectively. Efficient inventory management is vital to repair and maintenance companies that need to know what parts and supplies they have in stock.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) bridges the gap between storerooms, offices, and remote workers. A quick chat message through gloCOM connects off-site workers with those managing stock, facilitating real-time communication for streamlined inventory management.

Cost effectiveness

UCaaS offers another significant advantage by lowering communication costs for repair and maintenance service providers. By streamlining communication channels and moving them to the Cloud, professionals in this industry can allocate their budgets more efficiently, redirecting resources to other critical aspects of their operations.

uc selling points for the repair services industry

As the repair and maintenance services industry remains a cornerstone for keeping other sectors operational, your Unified Communications solution could be the motor that keeps it all moving.

From enhancing communication effectiveness to supporting workflow efficiencies, UCaaS provides a holistic solution for this dynamic sector. By offering these advancements, you empower organizations in the repair and maintenance services industry to not only optimize their daily operations, but also position themselves for sustained success.

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