Selling Unified Communications to the Finance and Insurance Industry

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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In the intricate web of regulations and high-stakes transactions within the finance and insurance sector, the role of effective communication cannot be overstate. Unified Communications (UC) is an ideal solution for businesses within this sector as they navigate the need for extreme organization and seamless client interactions.

In this blog post we delve into a few of the compelling reasons why the finance and insurance industry needs your UC solution and how you can provide a tailored approach that meets the unique demands of this sector.

Omnichannel features

An omnichannel-enabled Contact Center solution is the key to increasing responsiveness. In an industry where topics are more sensitive and urgent, providing multiple communication channels, intelligent call routing, and AI-powered chatbots is essential. Your UC solution not only opens more avenues for client interaction, but instills confidence with the availability of 24/7 support.


As the financial industry embraces the intersection of finance services and technology (FinTech), your UC solution can play a pivotal role. Integrating cloud communications into existing financial systems unlocks efficiency through features like chatbots and call recording and transcription, facilitating enhanced collaboration and agility in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Call recording and transcription

Beyond meeting legal requirements, call recording and transcription become powerful tools for financial and insurance professionals. Your UC solution simplifies the process, providing an easily accessible archive to track customer satisfaction, monitor agent performance, and fairly resolve disputes or inquiries.

Call analytics

Having a pulse on customer satisfaction and team performance are important for the future of businesses in any field, but particularly in the financial and insurance fields where communication is so sensitive and important. Your contact center solution comes equipped with robust call reporting and analytics, making it an indispensable asset in a sector where understanding customer needs and team performance is crucial.

Hybrid and remote work

With much of the financial and insurance sector transitioning to a hybrid or remote work model following the Covid-19 pandemic, your UC solution’s ability to support collaboration anywhere becomes a compelling selling point. Showcase features like mobility, virtual meetings, instant messaging, and other collaborative tools that facilitate a seamless work experience.

Unified Communications app

Your UC app offers a suite of features that support collaboration. From instant conference calling to drag-and-drop functionality, faxing to instant messaging, gloCOM is a highly marketable solution. And your mobile app, gloCOM GO, ensures these tools are accessible on the go. gloCOM Meeting serves as a powerhouse for virtual collaboration via meetings.

uc selling points for the finance and insurance industry

The finance and insurance industry is ripe with a need for more efficient communication solutions that support remote work and growth. Your UC solution is positioned to meet this demand, but careful consideration of government regulations is crucial.

As you enter this market, customization aligned with legal standards of compliance will be instrumental in delivering a solution that meets the needs of this highly regulated sector. Seize the opportunity to revolutionize communication within the finance and insurance industry.

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