Selling Unified Communications to the Professional Services Industry

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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The professional services industry revolves around knowledge-based services rather than physical products, encompassing professionals such as lawyers, designers, architects, accountants, financial advisors, and more.

In this sector where products are intangible, effective communication is of the essence. Unfortunately, many professional service providers find themselves grappling to reconcile their various communication tools, diverting their focus from clients and services.

This blog post explores the challenges faced by professionals in this industry and discusses how your Unified Communications (UC) could transform the landscape.


Professional service providers spend much of their time on the go. From meeting with clients to visiting the site where their service will be rendered, they are often away from their desk and telephone.

Enter gloCOM GO, a revolutionary solution that consolidates all of their communicating tools into the palm of their hand. This mobile tool empowers professionals to stay connected effortlessly, making consistent communication irrespective of their location possible.

Remote Meetings

On the other side of the equation, time spent away from the office can be significantly reduced by shifting to remote meetings rather than on-site. Offer video calling with high-definition face-to-face meetings with crystal clear audio to give a new option to the professional services industry.

Remote meetings not only save valuable time spent commuting, but also enable service providers to engage with more clients in a day, effectively maximizing their productivity and output.

CRM Integration

One of the key challenges faced by professionals in this industry is managing multiple clients simultaneously without sacrificing personability. For example, a lawyer with several ongoing cases will need to focus their concentration on each one in turn and remember the key details and nuances of that case.

Your CRM integration solution comes to the rescue by seamlessly blending Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with communication services. This integration provides users with pop-up windows featuring pertinent information during calls, easy access to communication history, and more. It’s a game-changer for maintaining client focus and personalized service.

Billable Hours

Selling knowledge and expertise is not the same as selling a product. How do you put a price on knowledge? By charging per hour of your time. Professional service providers often feel the pressure to maximize their billable hours each week.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) helps maximize billable hours by making individuals more available and mobile. Additionally, UC solutions effortlessly track time spent on calls or meetings, relieving the burden of manual timekeeping and ensuring accurate billing.

2 uc selling points for the professional services industry

In a knowledge-based industry where communication is key, Unified Communications becomes a strategic answer to common challenges.

From enhancing mobility to streamlining interactions, these solutions empower professionals to redirect their focus from the technology to delivering exceptional service. The opportunity to sell these transformative tools is yours for the taking.

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