Selling Unified Communications to the Restaurant Industry

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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While the restaurant industry has experienced a resurgence following the Covid-19 pandemic, rising costs of food and labor present significant challenges, compelling these establishments to prioritize efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

This is further challenged by the sky high expectations for superior and fast service by consumers. In the pursuit of delivering exceptional service within tight budgets, Unified Communications (UC) emerges as a transformative tool for restaurants.

Your UC solution can help to empower employees to meet elevated customer expectations, streamline operations, and reduce costs, making it a crucial asset for culinary establishments aiming to thrive in a demanding market.

Empower employees to do better

The modern restaurant industry demands fast, flawless service. Your Unified Communications solution can empower employees to meet these expectations. By leveraging UC tools, online training becomes readily available to ensure that staff possess the knowledge and capabilities needed even before their first shift. This not only accelerates employee onboarding, but also contributes to the delivery of superior services all the time.

Omnichannel communications

Offer an omnichannel-enabled contact center solution to empower restaurants to transform the customer experience both in and out of the restaurant. By giving them the ability to manage calls, social media reviews, and text messages from a single interface, your restaurant customers can monitor past communications and personalize their interactions. This ensures a cohesive and customer-centric approach across all communication channels.


Busy delivery-focused restaurants will benefit from wallboards that visually track orders and deliveries. This large visual aid enhances efficiency and supports employees in swiftly preparing and delivering orders. You can offer wallboards as part of your Contact Center PBX solution.

Omnichannel ordering

Coming back to omnichannel capabilities, offering a contact center solution with omnichannel will streamline call-in and online ordering, consolidating all orders into a single, easy-to-manage interface.

Your Unified Communications solution will make it easy to make adjustments to phone and online menus, ensuring a positive ordering experience without disappointment or cancellations.

Inventory management

Integrating your Unified Communications solution with an inventory management software brings enhanced visibility, minimizing food waste. Automated reminders can be set to alert the communication system before food expires or when it is time to reorder, maximizing inventory utilization and reducing unnecessary spending.

Cloud-based communication

As restaurants strive to cut costs, migrating their communication systems to the Cloud becomes an obvious, cost-effective strategy. Cloud-based UC not only reduces monthly spending, but also eliminates the need for expensive equipment. Maintenance and upgrades become more affordable, contributing to long-term savings.

uc selling points for the restaurant industry

In the competitive and expensive world of the restaurant industry, your Unified Communications solution could be the game changer.

By enhancing the customer experience, empowering employees, streamlining operations, and reducing costs, UC becomes a vital tool to meet and exceed high customer expectations while navigating financial constraints.

By selling them this solution, you empower restaurants to not only survive, but thrive in a challenging landscape.

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