SERVERware: The Best In Communications Data Hosting & Security

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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Every successful company’s communication infrastructure relies on data security and stability.

To manage that, they require well-protected servers that can manage their bandwidth and be flexible enough to be customized to the businesses needs.

As a virtualization platform dedicated to hosting UC services, SERVERware is Bicom Systems’ answer to these modern requirements.

It is a tool that provides a stable environment to allocate user bandwidth and data while maintaining maximum uptime and offering top-notch data security.

It is important to relay all of SERVERware’s greatest benefits to your clients which we will go over in this article.

How SERVERware Serves Your Clients

As a UC provider, it is important to get acquainted with the product’s biggest strengths so you can better market it to your clientele and SERVERware has a couple that you need to keep your eye out on.

A Clear And Easy-To-Use Interface

One of the most relevant aspects of SERVERware is the ability to manage every single aspect from the same dashboard.

This not only includes managing the different PBXware editions under the client’s contract, but managing resource allocation as well as the statuses of each individually created VPS.

You can freely customize the tolerance parameters of different alarms to notify your users of a fault in case one of those values is exceeded, leading to quicker reaction times in case of an abnormality.

In Their Own Partition

Further customization is available to your clients through the use of partitions, allowing them to create specific spaces within their SERVERware extension to make its management easier.

Each partition can get a custom amount of resources allocated to it too, depending on how critical it is to system operations.

A VPS At The Push Of A Button

SERVERware provides your clients with a sizable resource pool to utilize, but a lot of it can end up idling if it is all used on a singular server.

That is why, through the aforementioned, intuitive interface, one can create a VPS with a simple button press and allocate a set amount of these available resources to it, allowing it to operate as an individual unit.

This offers your clients greater control over their assets and better customization options that lets them fine tune it to their specific needs and improve their server infrastructure without compromising server stability.

Keeping Data Safe

While ease of use and flexible customization are core features of any good modern UC solution, the real backbone of it is data integrity.

SERVERware protects your clients’ data through a number of different ways.

The first is done through maintaining high storage stability and scalability through the use of OpenZFS.

The second is accomplished through the use of geo-IP blocking thanks to sipPROT, our SIP attack protection solution built into PBXware.

The third is done via VPS management, allowing clients to route traffic through different subnets to prevent bandwidth congestion.

Finally, service downtime is minimal thanks to the use of geo-redundancy which allows for the creation of replications in different locations as a failsafe against unforeseen disasters or malfunctions.

SERVERware also offers VPS backups as another measure for safeguarding data.

3 Different Editions To Choose From

In addition to all of the standard features, your clients are offered 3 different editions of SERVERware to choose from, allowing them to pick the one that suits their needs the best.

Standalone Edition

The first of the three is the Standalone edition, hosted on a single server and ideal for an in-house server solution.

It’s ideal for startups or smaller businesses and can be upgraded if need be.

Mirror Edition

The mirror edition introduces an extra server to function as a mirror of the primary one, letting it stand in for the main server in case of an unexpected malfunction or service disruption.

The mirror server lives up to its name as it syncs its data up with the primary server so that when it takes over, there’s little to no data loss in the failover process.

This ensures minimal service downtime and lets maintenance crews remove the issue without having to take the entire service offline to do so.

Cluster Edition

The final of the 3 is the most advanced option, the cluster edition which utilizes the infrastructure of the mirror edition while also adding more processing hosts to minimize traffic congestion and maintain maximum server uptime.

The cluster edition is also our most scalable option and is aimed at medium and larger businesses as the best option of the three.

Data: A Precious Resource

Your clients value data protection and management greatly, so make sure they have the best of the best on hand with Bicom Systems’ own solution, SERVERware.

Though, SERVERware is only part of a greater UC solution, one that it creates when combined with our other products, gloCOM, sipPROT, and, most importantly, PBXware, where it unleashes its full potential.

If you’re eager to find out what that looks like in action, feel free to Contact Us or Request a Demo of our product for more information.