PBX ROI And Cost Savings: High Quality At A Fraction Of The Cost

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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The cost of maintaining a telephony system can get quite expensive regardless of what option a company takes.

Even the so-called free options like open source are limited in their capacity and will often cost a fortune to scale up if your clients want to grow their business.

While something that would be ideal for us, these same businesses will be less inclined to make the switch unless the cost is justified.

The main point then would be to show them how good of an ROI investing into a PBX system is and how they can save in the long term.

Who Is The Target Audience For A New PBX System?

The first thing that one needs to realize is who their target audience is.

The average lifespan of a PBX solution tends to be somewhere around 5-8 years, after which the client usually scales it up, or replaces the deployment option.

Currently, a lot of companies that want to facilitate remote work aim to do so by replacing their existing on-site deployment to a cloud-based one.

However, if a company is in the early stages of their current PBX solution, chances are low that they would want to switch over to another one simply because it is a financially unsound decision despite the long term benefits.

After all, they need to get their money’s worth from their current solution before they would even consider an alternative.

Thus, your target clientele would be startups or companies that are in the closing stages of their PBX solution’s lifespan and are looking to upgrade.

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Ronald Rondeau, Manager of TelSynergy

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Cloud Vs On-Premise

We have already gone about the topic of the different benefits of cloud vs on-premise deployments prior and how each of them can have beneficial monetary gains in their own way.

The gist of it mostly came down to personal preference being the deciding factor.

However, as far as the monetary aspects went, the cloud based deployment option offered more short term benefits due to there being no up-front material costs and low prices per additional user.

This allowed for infinite scalability at a fraction of the cost compared to an on-site deployment.

It fitted a growing company better since they would not be losing out on a lot of invested capital as opposed to a more seasoned company with plenty of money invested into an existing solution.

Plus, it allowed for the option of remote-work which is what adds some extra benefits on its own which we will cover a little bit later on.

That said, an on-premise solution should not be overlooked either in case you encounter a more well-established company that has a team of people dedicated to maintaining and customizing it.

It is a bigger initial investment, but it sees more returns in the long term.

How Does Remote Work Cut Costs?

That one is quite simple. Office space tends to cost a lot, and remote workers do not really need an office building to do their jobs.

They will either work from home or act as digital nomads and travel the globe.

Either way, the company will no longer be limited by the amount of employees that can fit in an office, but by the amount of PBX users that their network can manage.

And, if it is a UCaaS solution, that amounts to quite a large number where adding a new user takes a few clicks and barely costs anything whereas procuring extra physical space and an office no less can be a lot harder and pricier in comparison.

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Jim Strong, Network Technology Solutions

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Why Choose PBXware As An Alternate UC Solution?

Now, while we have cleared the air on why a new UC solution is still cost effective you may wonder what is it that makes PBXware the right choice as your chosen brand to resell?

The answers to that are simple.

The first thing to note is the pricing. It is competitive compared to the rest of the market which will immediately be more appealing to your clients.

The second is professional support staff that is available around the clock to assist with any issue that the client may have.

However, that is not everything that it has going for it as it is also a flexible and easy to integrate UC solution into any existing company infrastructure, something a good number of competitors fail to offer.

PBXware’s ability to seamlessly integrate itself into most existing systems is what makes it so affordable in the first place, offering businesses of all sizes a more cost-efficient option without losing out on the many core aspects of a PBX system.

This can even be a pivotal point of contention that could win some of the more adamant clients over if it turns out that PBXware would end up generating a bigger ROI than their current plan.

“PBXware doesn’t break, doesn’t glitch, and is easy to maintain which helps make us Profitable!”


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