6 Reasons SERVERware is the Ultimate Comms Virtualization Platform

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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Virtualize [ vur-choo-uh-lahyz ]

verb (used with object),vir·tu·al·ized, vir·tu·al·iz·ing.

Computers: to create a simulated or extended version of (a computer, operating system, data storage device, etc.) using software: the resulting device is not itself independent, but functions and presents itself to the user as a single, physical entity: 

A virtualized server can boost processing power and reduce costs.

According to dictionary.com, virtualization is essentially the process of creating a virtual version of a physical system, like a server or network. A virtualization platform enables this process so that organizations can host multiple virtualizations on one computer or device.

A virtualization platform like SERVERware, therefore, converts all of those physical resources into virtual versions, called virtual machines (VMs), and organizes them on one streamlined, easy-to-manage, interface.

In a pre-virtualization environment, each task or service would require a dedicated server. The antithesis of efficiency, this leads to higher costs and wasted resources. Virtualization holds many benefits for organizations of all sizes.

More efficient use of resources and hardware

The most obvious advantage of virtualization is increasing efficiency. As multiple processes or services can be run on a single server, waste is reduced. Both in terms of resources like processors, memory, and bandwidth, plus hardware in terms of the number of servers, racks, and cables. Organizations are able to decrease their hardware needs and reduce their ecological footprint.

Reduced operational costs

Directly following the increase in resource and operational efficiency, is a decrease in spending. As less hardware is needed, organizations can save on infrastructure, upkeep, and maintenance. Server rooms involve not only additional real estate, but also more spending on electricity and cooling. Maintenance costs will also decrease and the consolidated hardware can be managed by a smaller IT team.

Better management and security

Because virtualization centralizes resources and applications into one solution, administrators can access a single interface to manage and control all of their virtual machines (VMs). Modern virtualization solutions will also include security features and safeguards to combat digital threats. And built-in backup and recovery technologies can keep data safe to increase uptime and business continuity.

More opportunity for growth and flexibility

Finally, virtualization lends itself to flexibility and growth into the future. Because it is a virtual service, administrators can make changes and increase or decrease usage within the interface without making physical changes to hardware. Virtual machines are also more adaptable to new technologies and features as they emerge.

While virtualization platforms can serve a wide range of organizations and industries, today we are looking at how virtualization can revolutionize communications.

The cloud computing services that run VoIP, unified communications, and other modern telephony technologies can be run on virtual machines for maximum efficiency and flexibility.

It is easy to see how the benefits above – especially things like continuity, scalability, and cost-effectiveness – are highly advantageous in the world of communications.

SERVERware is the only virtualization platform on the market that is one hundred percent designed for hosting telephony and unified communications. In addition to supporting all of the advantages we mentioned above, SERVERware provides a particularly stable environment to host telephony services with a focus on prioritizing uptime, data integrity, and security.


Maximum Uptime

Modern communications solutions depend on connectivity. We know that your customers are relying on you to keep them online, so we prioritize maximum uptime with high availability, fault tolerance, and redundancy in SERVERware.

By building your telephony solution on SERVERware, you can offer more uptime and continuity to your customers and have peace-of-mind that we will keep you online.

Easier VPS Management through the System Dashboard

Our Graphical User Interface (GUI) is specifically designed and optimized for managing communications systems.

Administrators can manage hosts, VPSs, and system resources with just one click and customize partitions to maximize performance and efficiency.

The system dashboard displays real-time information about all systems plus call statistics and action logs. Administrators can elect to use Kernel-based Virtual Machines (KVMs) to enhance their security without compromising stability.

Data Integrity

Communications software requires a higher level of data integrity, and SERVERware does not disappoint.

We use OpenZFS, a next-generation file system technology, for maximum stability and integrity with disk redundancy, expandable storage options, hot sparing, and storage health monitoring. Our built-in backup and recovery system will restore hosted VPSs and data if connection to the main server is lost.


In addition to our built-in backup system and solutions for data integrity, SERVERware also boasts a geo-redundancy feature to guarantee maximum continuity even in the face of natural disasters, cyber security attacks, or other uncontrollable events.

Rest easy knowing that all of your data is replicated off-site and can be quickly accessed should anything happen to the main server. Losing data and service is costly and damaging to your reputation, but SERVERware can keep all of your data safe.

Native Integration with the Bicom Systems Platform

Naturally you will need a variety of applications and tools to run your telephony business and SERVERware is compatible with most of them. Designed to seamlessly integrate with our own ecosystem of telephony products, our virtualization platform can consolidate your solution into one powerful, secure interface. PBXware is our highly scalable and feature-rich PBX platform.

By running multiple PBXware instances and editions at once on SERVERware, you can support all of your customers as they evolve and grow.

Live SIP Traffic Protection

sipPROT is our advanced security module that monitors SIP traffic in real-time to keep your systems safe from denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, brute force break-in attempts, and other cyber threats. sipPROT integrates natively into SERVERware to form a built-in firewall that protects your systems and your customers.

Because SERVERware is the only virtualization platform that is specifically designed to run communications, it leaves other options pale in comparison. Our product developers and engineers have crafted and perfected SERVERware based on over 20 years of experience working with all kinds of telephony and communication service providers. We are constantly updating our solutions to stay abreast of modern technologies and features.

If you are ready to pursue stability, flexibility, and growth, SERVERware is your answer. Until then, we hope to have met your expectations and that both you and your clients remain satisfied.