8 gloCOM Selling Points to Share with Your Marketing Team

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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gloCOM is our Unified Communications desktop and mobile app, designed to synergize powerful collaboration tools in an intuitive interface for heightened efficiency and productivity.

Regardless of size or nature of the business, gloCOM stands to benefit any organization by facilitating seamless internal and external communication.

Below are eight compelling selling points to effectively market gloCOM to your current and prospective clients.

gloCOM selling points

The foremost advantage of gloCOM lies in its ability to enhance productivity significantly. By providing tools that streamline communication and workflow processes, gloCOM empowers teams of all sizes to accomplish more in less time.

For example, our Virtual Dialer feature automates outbound calls using an uploaded contact list and preconfigured user settings. This saves time by eliminating the need to look at and dial numbers, preventing manual dialing errors, and expediting the entire calling process. 

Additionally, our Call Transfer option simplifies call routing that can be done with just the click of a button or the drag of a mouse, minimizing disruptions and optimizing concentration levels.

Finally, gloCOM’s CRM Integration places pertinent contact and customer information on a pop-up window within the gloCOM interface, providing users with valuable insights during phone interactions. This feature enhances productivity by enabling personalized and informed conversations with customers based on call history, status, and personalized notes stored in the CRM.

In addition to individual productivity gains, gloCOM facilitates enhanced team collaboration through a myriad of features. From diverse modes to communications to effortless data and document sharing to mobile collaboration, teams can collaborate effectively irrespective of geographical barriers.

Screen sharing enables simultaneous viewing of materials, fostering clearer communication and preventing misunderstandings among team members. This also saves time as participants can simply watch the screen rather than attempting to connect to the same websites and materials. It is quick and easy to switch presenters as different topics are discussed.

Similarly, file sharing facilitates the dissemination of images, documents, recordings, or videos via individual or group chat or even during a Virtual Meeting This promotes seamless collaboration across dispersed teams.

Moreover, gloCOM’s Presence feature offers real-time status updates on colleagues and contacts, allowing users to determine availability and direct their communications accordingly. Presence can show whether users are online, busy, on a break, and more.

Available across devices and browsers, gloCOM brings true flexibility to workplaces and teams. Show your customers and prospects how gloCOM can be used uniquely in any situation and connect users despite very different locations or setups.

gloCOM has multi platform accessibility with a seamless sync between the desktop app and mobile app. All of your chat messages, contacts, phone history, etc will be available and updated on all devices. gloCOM can also be accessed via browser so users can login and connect virtually anywhere.

If WiFi is unstable or unavailable, or if users are on the move, gloCOM can seamlessly shift from network to network, including mobile data networks, without dropping calls or losing connectivity. The GSM callback feature can connect your gloCOM calls via the mobile network, bypassing the Internet altogether if necessary.

SMS and MMS sync give one more option for connectivity that transcends network limitations and keeps users connected on the go. The full conversation and multimedia history is synced across devices so that users can access whatever they need, wherever they are.

In addition to being highly flexible, gloCOM innately supports remote and hybrid working environments, offering all essential tools for seamless connectivity regardless of location. Emphasize to your clients how gloCOM empowers remote and hybrid workers with comprehensive communication capabilities, enabling them to access office functionalities from anywhere.

gloCOM supports multiple sync capabilities, ensuring that all contacts, chats, call records, voicemails, and multimedia are available wherever the user logs in. Whether this means looking back at an old chat on a mobile device or accessing a shared file when away from the office, productivity is not sacrificed for remote or hybrid workers.

Additionally, the gloCOM GO mobile app consolidates core communication functions into the palm of your hand. From the basics like voice calling or instant messaging to more unusual features like screen or file share and even to virtual meetings, it can all be done from a personal or company mobile device.

Despite its extensive feature set, gloCOM boasts a user-friendly interface that simplifies operations and enhances efficiency. Highlight to your clients how gloCOM simplifies business processes by offering intuitive features that optimize workflow efficiency.

For example, voicemail and fax functionalities are seamlessly integrated into gloCOM, negating the need for additional telephone lines or equipment. Voicemail messages are stored in the cloud and delivered to users’ email as audio recordings and transcriptions, eliminating the hassle of managing physical voicemail tapes. Similarly, gloCOM facilitates faxing directly from the application, diminishing wait times and increasing privacy.

The QR-based login feature further enhances user convenience by enabling quick and secure access to gloCOM across multiple devices. Simply scan the QR code on your desktop gloCOM app to avoid forgotten passwords.

Finally, automatic call recording supports organizational processes and compliance as all calls can be easily accessed as needed to verify details, clarify disputes, or follow-up on questions. With gloCOM, call recording is as easy as the click of a button.

A standout feature of gloCOM is its cutting-edge video conferencing solution, gloCOM Meeting. This module enables face-to-face interactions plus a slew of other features to enhance interactions and productivity.

gloCOM Meeting supports group chat and file sharing within meetings so that team members can collaborate without hindrances. Group chat may be useful to an attendee with audio issues or to share a quick comment or question without interrupting the speaker. File sharing ensures that all attendees are viewing the same materials.

Meetings can be started instantly by dragging participants to a meeting or clicking a button in an individual or group chat, or scheduled in advance with invites sent via gloCOM message and email. Users can add co-organizers and invite external participants to join via browser.

In short, gloCOM Meeting is the virtual conferencing solution that your customers need and should be a top selling point for gloCOM.

As a cloud-based solution, gloCOM supports competitive pricing and flexible subscription-based packages or bundles, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. Emphasize to your customers how gloCOM’s scalable subscription model allows them to tailor their package according to their needs and budget, with the option to upgrade as they grow.

Furthermore, as a white label solution, you can take gloCOM to market as your own, setting your own pricing and profit margins according to your unique business objectives.

Backed by Bicom Systems’ dedicated support team with over 20 years of industry experience, gloCOM comes with reliable assistance and timely issue resolution. You can assure your customers that gloCOM is continuously updated with innovative features and technologies to stay ahead of industry tends and provide a competitive edge.

Take gloCOM to market with confidence, knowing that you are offering a stable and reliable solution supported by a team committed to your success.