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One of our customers is using our SWITCHware product in an interesting solution for a client that may interest others in the telecom industry :

John at AAPT Limited writes:

We are using SWITCHware as the core soft switch for one of our customers.  The customer wanted to offer hosted PBXs using Multi-Tenanted PBXware systems and SIP Trunking for customers with their own systems. They provision their PBXs and SIP Trunks using the web interfaces offered by PBXware and SWITCHware. Each SIP Trunk customer and  PBXware tenant  has their own SIP Trunk into SWITCHware which is used for call control and routing to carrier networks. Using SWITCHware allows us to centralise and precisely control call routing and billing through the CDRs produced by SWITCHware.

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