The Importance Of SIP Security: sipPROT And Data Safety

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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SIP, also known as the Session Initiation Protocol is a protocol that is essential in establishing online communication via internet telephony.

Due to its core nature in these processes, it is a juicy target for hackers and other malicious actors who may seek to hijack it in order to gain valuable data, disrupt communication services or similarly malignant goals.

This is why many businesses seek to invest in various security measures that can shore up their defenses against these perpetrators and repel them from future attacks.

We here at Bicom Systems have had these issues on our radar for quite some time and have introduced sipPROT as our very own answer against SIP attacks coming from all sides, something we are always looking to improve to ensure that the user data handled by our product remains safe and out of the wrong hands.

But how important is SIP security really? Let us find out by delving into the specifics.

The Session Initiation Protocol is the key to digitizing online PBX systems and then offering them in much more affordable options for smaller businesses than would otherwise be within their budget without compromising on service reliability and offering scalability options.

The process that utilizes SIP to establish a phone call over the internet is called SIP trunking, grouping multiple communication channels into a singular one which enables such resource efficient and affordable routing for phones to begin with, eliminating the need for hardware installation and adding extra phone lines virtually rather than physically.

The Heart Of The Issue


This all sounds well and good, and it is, but such a robust and helpful tool is not without its drawbacks.

SIP is an open protocol, and being open means that it is relatively exposed and ripe for all sorts of attacks from unwanted guests.

They are able to intercept these phone lines and perform DOS attacks, eavesdrop on conversations, perform spoofing, toll frauds and similar.

This is why it is important to shore up SIP security with added defenses that range from various encryption options and firewalls, to IP authenticators and simple staff education.

sip security sipprot

sipPROT is a part of the Bicom product suite, a module that monitors live SIP traffic in order to detect any anomalies and react accordingly in order to prevent said anomalies from causing problems.

It does so in a relatively simple manner by blocking their access to the data through swift firewall updates and direct IP blocks.

The best part? It is a fully automated process with customization options that designate the lockout period of these blocks.

A Loaded Arsenal

In order to facilitate these quick response times and prevention of specific attack types, sipPROT utilizes a suite of robust tools:

• For SIP attacks – SIP scanner protection and anomaly detection

• For TFTP attacks – TFTP brute force protection 

Aside from these, sipPROT also has a number of multi-purpose tools at its disposal which help keep things running smoothly without leaving a noticeable dent in performance, such as:

• Dynamic IP blocking and unblocking

• Allowlist and denylist management tools

• GeoIP blocking

While sipPROT itself does provide ample protection against malicious actors, one can never be too safe which is why it is important for businesses to invest into additional safety methods like:

– Efficient data encryption options that will not put too heavy a load on the SIP traffic and become a hindrance themselves

– Regularly updating systems to patch out potential backdoors into the system and keep it as airtight as possible

– Eliminating the human error by educating the staff on how to recognize scammers that are trying to access the sensitive data in question and creating a solid password and authentication policy in the workplace (2FA at minimum)

These may appear simple on the surface, but they go a long way in minimizing security breach risks once they are fully implemented in a business’ infrastructure and etiquette.

sip security sipprot

SIP security is no laughing matter and should be one of the main priorities for businesses to keep on top of in order to ensure their data remains as safe as it can be.

While figuring out the best set of safety options would normally take a while, sipPROT instead helps cover a wide array of these safety features, making it easier for businesses to incorporate into their systems and start using with minimal setup.

It is part of our top-of-the-line product suite that we here at Bicom Systems always strive to keep up to date with most modern innovations as well as some of our own.

If you still have questions, be sure to contact us, or request a demo if you would like to see sipPROT in action.