Bicom Platform: The Ultimate Team Collaboration Asset

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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An integral part of a communications platform is how well it connects people.

For this to happen, it needs to have the right tools and features that facilitate clear lines of communication and enable team collaboration with minimal hiccups.

These are some of the core tenets that the Bicom Systems communications platform is based on and ones we strive to improve on with every release to make these core processes as seamless as they can be for each and every user.

Let us see just how the Bicom Systems platform manages this across its entire suite of available products.

communication apps

The most common form of interaction between colleagues happens either face-to-face or through chat messages.

The Bicom platform ensures that businesses have access to instant text communication so teams can transfer information internally or between one another for easier and faster project collaboration, ensuring that nothing gets lost in the process.

Added Interactivity

To make chat messages a less sterile environment filled with walls of text, our features enable users with more freedom in their interactions through file sharing, allowing them to incorporate images, links, and different text files into conversations which cuts down several additional steps that would be required to accomplish tasks otherwise.

We also ensure that they can express their emotions to various news, comments and messages left by other employees through reactions that are available both through chats and meetings, sprinkling a bit of excitement in the workday to help lift everyone’s spirits.

Finally, any important announcements and messages can be pinned in groups and individual conversations so that participants never lose track of an important piece of information.

Finding Information With Ease

If pinned messages do not cut it, the file search option always helps users find a specific piece of information that was posted within a chat that may have otherwise gotten lost in a sea of responses, allowing users to not have to repeat themselves and to keep chats cleaner and easier to navigate.

Keeping Calls Logged

When important information from calls needs to be logged, the call recording feature comes in handy, allowing users to record the conversation for future use and allowing call participants to converse without having to additionally note information down, keeping them focused on the call at hand.

virtual meeting

Another potent collaboration tool can be found with meetings, a feature that is much needed with modern business practices to provide an extra avenue of communication between remote workers and to bring a little bit of that human touch through the power of audio and video.

It also makes interaction between teammates easier as users do not have to resort to typing everything out if it is easier for them to showcase everything through a presentation.

Easy To Organize

Meetings are a whole new can of worms though, one that takes a lot of effort to get in line and make them.

Thankfully, we here at Bicom Systems make sure that every aspect of communication is made as seamless and as intuitive to use as possible.

Our first delve into that was ensuring that meetings are not a hassle to schedule and organize, making that process doable in a few simple clicks and letting organizers add users just as easily.

On top of that, co-organizers can be assigned to help make the meeting run smoothly once it is fired up.

Meeting Collaboration Tools

After the meeting itself has been organized and gets started up, the problem of participant interactivity and collaboration tools is the next one that we tackled.

We have covered this through a number of basic features like adding a chat functionality within the meeting to allow participants to converse and pitch in without disrupting the meeting’s flow or the current speaker.

Raising Hands

A feature that also helps preserve meeting flow and incite collaborative efforts is the Raise Hand option in meetings, allowing meeting participants to pitch in with their questions without disrupting the flow of the meeting as the presenter gets to them when he has free time, introducing a bit of order, especially during meetings with a large number of participants where a lot of them may want to get a chance to speak their turn.

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is another key feature of any successful meeting as it allows users to successfully present their screen to others and allow for smoother collaboration and task elaboration without requiring others to follow along on their own and allowing them to simply watch and remain focused on the speaker.

Accompanying tools that make managing presentations during meetings easier and improving overall collaboration are the remote control and clipboard sharing tools, allowing participants to immediately share important information on the presenter’s screen if given permission to do so.

This allows the presenter in question to focus more on the presentation itself while relaying the task of information presentation over to an assistant, improving overall presentation flow, saving precious time and participant patience.

Preserving Meetings For The Future

Remembering important information during long meetings can be a tedious process and not every team member can catch all of it throughout the length of the meeting itself.

In order to prevent future miscommunication and needless repetition during a meeting, users can record their meetings, save them and share them with the relevant members in order to preserve that information through a lot less effort than manually noting it down.

This also applies to the meeting’s chat history which gets logged so users do not have to worry about losing access to that either.

Aside from assisting with team collaboration, this can also be used as a means of creating training videos for new hires, making the onboarding process that much easier to understand with visuals attached to written explanations.

management tools

When working on different projects, the various management tools offered by the Bicom Systems product suite allow for a better overview of how and where different resources are utilized and can help uncover pain points that should be ironed out.

Detailed Dashboards

PBXware, SERVERware, sipPROT and Contact Center utilize optimized system dashboards that track necessary information and check for any faults as well as resource availability and allocation throughout their different spheres of operation.

This information can range anywhere from how many resources are assigned to an individual VPS, how many PBX extensions are online and how many attacks on the system are prevented to average customer handling time per employee in a Contact Center and their availability status, among many other methods of measuring workplace effectiveness and resource utilization.


Additionally, our Contact Center solution even offers the option of automating report generation and delivery so managers and team leads can have more free time on their hands to devote to issue resolution, especially considering how crucial optimization in CCs is.

These reports can cover singular channels or can come in the form of blended reports, covering all Agent and Queue statistics per communication channel.

Crafted By Experts, For Experts

The function of these management tools ultimately depends on which product is in use, but rest assured that all of them are continuously optimized to display all of the necessary information that managers and team leaders need to be able to assess the current situation and figure out whether action is needed to remedy any present or potential future issues, ensuring seamless operation.

“A big role in making communication possible is our dedication to refining workflow and making team collaboration a smooth and painless experience.”

One of the main goals of Bicom Systems is to enable access to enterprise-level communication tools for any small to medium-sized business, allowing them to have a fighting chance in very competitive markets.

A big role in making this goal possible is our dedication to adding features which help refine business workflow and make team collaboration a smooth and painless experience, helping these businesses grow and keep pace with already established ones.

While we already possess a solid foundation of these tools across the Bicom Systems product suite, we do not plan to stop anytime soon.

Our teams are always hard at work researching new potential features that will make the work that your users do that much easier to execute.

If you would like a taste of what we have to offer, be sure to request a demo or contact us directly should you require further elaboration.