Transitioning Your Customers to Working from Home

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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For many of you, this might be the longest time you’ve been separated from your coworkers and with the uncertainty of how long this separation may last, not only are we finding co-workers struggling, but also customers. 

In a perfect world, your company would have made a business continuity plan for your customers. It would have policies and training for employees to continue to sell and operate during this time. Unfortunately, many of us were not prepared for this crisis. 

If you find your customers are struggling and not quite ready to work from home, keep reading! Below is a quick guide to transition your customers to work from home. 

Educate Your Customers on Features and Tools that Support Productive Remote Working 

Bicom Systems offers many features that can be utilized in and out of the office. To support your customers while working from home, they can use features such as:

    • A Softphone
    • gloCOM GO
    • Callback, Call Forwarding 
    • Agent Monitoring 
    • Presence 
    • Group Chat 
    • File Share

Remind your customers that the location in the world really doesn’t matter if they have the proper tools to communicate. Our unified communication applications allow users to stay connected in and out of the office. If they are not already using gloCOM or gloCOM GO, contact us today!  

Educate Your Customers on Using
Hardware Effectively

The Bicom Systems support team is still fully operational to provide support to our partners. In fact, did you know we instructed our support team to begin working from home well before restriction came in place to keep them safe? 

Although we are working at full capacity to ensure there are no delays or lack of support in the upcoming period, it is essential to do what we can to limit the number of support tickets that come through. 

Advise your customers to take home their IP phones from the office. They do not necessarily have to use it, but it is a good back-up in case they experience issues with their softphone or gloCOM GO. It is also a good idea to have the hardware available in case the circumstances of COVID-19 change. 

Another tip is to check your customer’s USB or Bluetooth Headsets. Make sure the ones they are using are supported in our UAD list. By doing so, you can avoid future problem solving if their headsets do not work.

Give Your Customers Tips to Working from Home

Like many other companies, we are finding that not every employee is cut out to work from home. However, this is slowly becoming the new norm, and we all need to adjust.

Week 1: The Adjustment to the Chaos
Week 2: Finding Your Rhythm to Working from Home
Week 3: The Blues May Set In…

We asked our remote workers to share their tips on working from home. Whichever week you or your customers are in, check them out!

Stay Connected and Be Available 

Some of your customers may be concerned their business won’t survive this economic crisis. Others may be unphased. Whichever the case, it is important to be available and provide them access to useful information. 

Whether that be providing tips, case studies, or ‘how-to’ material, now is the time to build on your customer relationships. Remind your customers that you offer scalable solutions that are extremely easy to change. If they need to scale down or up, you are there to assist in the switch. 

Remember, their success is your success. 

Bicom Systems is here to help! Our team created a ‘Working from Home During COVID-19’ resource page that we have been updating continuously with new content. Check it out here and if you have any questions for our knowledgeable sales team, send them an email to

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